4/23 – Online Dances/Events on Break

"There is no final destination point, a final arrival at a set goal.
There is only a coming together ALWAYS FOLLOWED by the falling apart.
ALWAYS FOLLOWED by a coming together and another falling apart."

Howdy dear friend,

Can I be honest with you?

This is the last you will hear from me for an indefinite amount of time, and I want to be as honest as I tend to be with you.

Because while I have my moments of, "My god when is this going to be over?!!!!"
mixed with, "is this a conspiracy theory in the making?"
sprinkled with, "can we just return to 'normal' please!?"

And while I yearn for the powerful magic we create together on the dance floor or in our private sessions with every single ounce of my embodied soul...

...The desire to let go of the old sense of normal, plunging deeper into the silence and mystery of my own inner rhythm of my soul is a drum beating louder than anything else.
While, yes, there is a sense of "scariness" about this free-fall into the unknown (yet again) - I have spent the last 10 years crafting and practicing this personal journey intimately.  I know this space well, and am okay being comfortable in the uncomfortableness of it all.

For me this means: getting off social media, stop hosting gatherings and sending emails; spend less time reading or hearing others' thoughts.

And....AND I am peeking my head out of my crab shell to encourage you to do the same.  

Why?  Well, let me share a bit of my own personal story here to see if you can see any parallels:

Yesterday I used the New Moon darkness in my journaling time to see what the light of busy*ness and fullness might have been blinding me from seeing.  In that space I allowed the darkness of the pregnant void to speak to me.  As I did, I had some HUGE flashes of insight.  A few being that perhaps - just perhaps I had mistaken ...
...momentum for confirmation on my soul's path.
...compassion to serve as a passion to compete and win.
...other's ways of doing business as the only way to build my business, or as my intention of building a following in the first place.

Ouch.  A big fat fudging OUCH!

While I fully trust that I was LISTENING and hearing correctly before - I understand that pattern of life/death/life on this Earth school.  With that wisdom...
I am letting go - once again.
Of creating for Other.
Of holding space for you.
Of spending my time on things that aren't really that fruitful or that I enjoy or that resonate with me - if I am honest with myself.

So I can create space for hearing and being with what wants to be truly birthed from my soul.
Not something that is convenient simply because I know how to do it.
Not what seems to make sense based on my past.
Not something that has a blueprint for because others are doing it already.

But to birth what is truly the desire, passion and need of my soul to create in this world.
Not to make money or to have a million followers, views, likes, etc.
But because it is the heart cry of my soul to birth as my unique offering of art in this world.

What a FREAKIN' UNIQUE time in this world right now to do this.  While I know the pressures of paying for life still exist, to the best of our ability - what would happen in the world if we all allowed ourselves to make a commitment of a few days, a week or until this thang is over...
to use this utterly unique time to let the old die away,
glean what nutrients of truth from it what you can,
sit in the fodder of the emptiness this break is providing us
and listen, feel, wait to be impregnated
with what is next in your life.

For this IS the way on Earth School.  
There is never an arrival at some set point, no finite destination that allows you to then stop growing, evolving, changing.
There is no beating death and then thinking the game is over.  That is a myth of all myths.

What there IS is a coming together ALWAYS followed by the falling apart.  
ALWAYS followed by a coming together.
When we allow for this natural circle of life/death/life,  up/down/up inner and outer rhythm to happen, we allow for the power of the Universe to guide our lives, our days - our world.  There is an indescribable peace that will settle over us when we learn tp accept this rhythm as is...and REAL ABUNDANT, VIVACIOUS, VIBRANT LIFE  will begin to birth itself again.

Honestly - while I am tempted to offer my Spiritual Direction services, I know that this is me falling back into an old pattern of relying on the old patterns of this world.

So, I am not going to offer anything but the following two excerpts (Introduction & Preface) from my book that IS still very much on tract right now (and perhaps a big why I am being asked to pull out of the world).  

My honest Spiritual Advice:

Keep it simple.  Real simple.  Get out into nature and allow Her and Him to speak to you of Their inner rhythm that is reflected in ALL of creation.  On every single level.  Sit in the pondering of this simple yet deeply mystical thought.  Be with the fact that this is also how you are: your psyche, your being and your manifestations.

When I hear the drum beat of life start to call me back to the surface, I will let you know.  If you want to take your alone time practice deeper with some Spiritual Guidance then - that would be my deepest honor.

Until we meet again my dear dancing soul friend, allow the truths of the story below impact you deeply!

So much love,


Introduction to New Book Series: Why stories are so POWER-FULL.

Preface to book #1