7/12 Dance + Bread 4 Change + Park Dances!

PARK dances coming soon.  Stay tuned!!

Dance this Sunday!
When: Sunday, July 12th
Timing: 11am - 1pm - We will set up and tear down together within this time!
Where: Construct Studio, 2121 Gains St, Nashville

Three steps to reserve your spot:
1. Agree to four agreements:
2. Invest your $20 via Venmo account @Holli-McCormick
3. Email me, Holli, info@MovementMedicine.Love to let me know you sent it along (vital so I can confirm receipt for you, or you can track down any mistakes!)

Bread for Change!

On my travels across America this summer, I was able to bring back a family Sourdough Bread Starter - yummy!  We aren't exactly sure how long this starter has been going back and forth between the matriarchs of this family, but something around 30 years - wow.

In our first meeting back, I shared a loaf with all in attendance - and shared I would be selling loaves going forward.

Then...it dawned on me that this Family Heirloom via bread is how we can fund the change we envision Dance and Community can bring (if you don't know how these things bring change - then get yourself to a dance and discover for yourself!)

For now, here are a few things Bread will help with:

* Buying new postcards we can share with friends and strangers to invite them to Movement Med
* Cover rent and other expenses if weekly funds are short
* Cover people's dances if they cannot invest the full exchange amount.

So, if you would like to some YUMMY homemade with love bread, place your order today for Sunday (or we can discuss other options - email me).  You can order multiple loaves - just coordinate with me!

Plain sourdough - $5/loaf
Cinnamon/Sugar/Raisin - $6/loaf

So many blessings!