7/26 Dance – Freedom!

Dear Soul Mover,

In congruence with the theme for this month and America’s birthday – I have been on a personal journey to explore the idea of “Freedom” and what this entails to me.  It is a deep, personal inner journey that has quite literally taken me Down Under these past few weeks, as I have shown the light down here on my responsibilities that are tied to my freedom.

I invite you to join me in this month’s theme.   Here are just some of the questions that are being stirred in me :-):

What does Freedom truly mean to you?  
* Is it Freedom from your responsibilities – or freedom from your thoughts about your responsibilities?
* Is there a different way to move/to dance with those responsibilities than you are now – so you can create more freedom in your life?
* Is it freedom from the rat race or from the belief this is how you “should” lead your life?
* Can you live your life according to your own desires/wants/longings and still take care of your responsibilities?
* Is it freedom from the parental or cultural  “Does and Don’ts”…or freedom from your pesky internal voice rationalizing away why you cannot take that next step?
* Is there a different way to dance with that internal voice to hear it, honor it and use it – instead of following it blindly or pissing it off by ignoring it completely?

Do any of these questions spark something in you?
If so – I invite you to bring them in with you to the dance this Thursday and allow 
the Magic of the Music to guide your Movement through this exploration.
If not, please consider joining us anyways!

Either way, come experience what we are creating with Movement Medicine Dance. It is sweet, safe and intimate.  We truly are “Widening the Safety so we can Deepen the Dance, the Connection & the Community!”

We will have impromptu drumming and perhaps singing as well…allowing the Spirit of the night to guide us along.

AND, in case you missed it  – I am offering the online version “Body Language 101 for Conscious Dance” for free through the end of the month.  This easy and fun class, broken down into bite-sized 2-7 minute video segments, fulfills the 1x Requirement for any Movement Medicine Dance.  

Here is that link so you can get started!
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After you have completed and reviewed the course…
…Come dance with us FOR FREE!