7/26 Dance – Virtual & In-Person!


My dearest friend,
If you are like so many of us - COVID is scary.  But finances right now might be even scarier.  As a gig worker funding this Movement Medicine out of my own pocket - I have been wondering what the heck do I do?

I have been sitting in this place with this prayer:

I know the world is changing
I see where we are going,
but how the FREAKIN A do we get there?

Well, the Universe of Goodness guided me to a new career that IS a HUGE piece of the puzzle.  I am getting super clear of how we as Conscious Beings seeking change to the broken System can move forward in this time.  And it is so different than what I even expected.  Please read here if you are ready to join this train and shift this planet!

Now - on to...

Chances to move your body!

  1. July 26th - 11am-1pm. Info below.
  2. VIRTUAL? -YES - scroll down to plug in virtually!
  3. Sundays 4-6 in Shelby park.  Join our WhatsApp group for details (info below).  We will be eventually doing a little Movement Medicine AFTER the drum cycle. Stay tuned!


When: Sunday, July 26th (2nd & 4th Sundays of Month)
Timing: 11am - 1pm - We will set up and tear down together within this time!
Where: Construct Studio, 2121 Gains St, Nashville

Three steps to reserve your spot:
1. Agree to four agreements:
2. Invest your $20 via Venmo account @Holli-McCormick
3. Email me, Holli, info@MovementMedicine.Love to let me know you sent it along (vital so I can confirm receipt for you, or you can track down any mistakes!)



I have asked the team coming and they prefer not to be Live Streamed.  So to fit all our needs, the Zoom camera will be on the floor only so you will see feet at least.  Sets would be streamed via LiveSets.  Please follow these instructions below.

PLEASE SHARE THIS MEDICINE so others can join us!

NOTE: I will NOT be available to help with technical issues during the dance.  Follow these instructions below.  If you need more help, please see this post (scroll towards bottom.  I even filmed a video to help with this!)

  1. Ensure you have both apps before Sundays Dance.  It is helpful if you have two different devices for each one.
    1. Zoom
    2. Livesets.com
  2. Day of event - log onto each event:
    1. Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9987300458?pwd=NW56T3I3Z2dSQllQUlQwUFlkSXFTZz09Meeting ID: 998 730 0458Password: morning
    2. Livesets: https://livesets.com/shaktichrist/events/7910

So many blessings!