Money is everything...

I don't know about you - but after spending forty-three years on this planet - I find that this underlying belief still drives our culture.

We in the West allow the money in our lives to show us how to value ourselves, others and the stuff around us - even Nature.  We allow our beliefs about money to dictate our worth, our security - even our self-confidence*.

Money - or lack of it - is one of the top reasons marriages end.

With the unemployment rates skyrocketing due to Covid-19 - money, and the lack of it - is bound to cause more stress amongst Americans.

"Money is about survival," our Culture teaches us.

As a spiritual person - I have struggled all my life attempting to understand the spiritual perspective of money - wanting to be a good steward and trust my survival needs would be provided for.  Through money.  I have tithed or donated, kept a budget, saved when I could.  I have lived simply in the most expensive area of America (Silicon Valley), cutting back on costs where I could.

Yet I still worried about my survival due to the availability of money in my life.

In my business, I have had "spiritual" business coaches tell me I had "money issues".  Why?  Because I didn't charge my clients hundreds of dollars that showed me and the universe my true value.

I tried, I really tried to work with that belief.

Until one day I said, "No" to this belief.  I was DONE believing I had an issue with money simply because I didn't want to charge hundreds of dollars.  I was done tying my survival needs to other peoples need for the healing, knowledge and help I could offer.  If I was to continue with Movement Medicine - I was going to have to self-fund myself.

The next month - I found myself joining the team of brave souls at Revolution Financial Management, picking up a copy of Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and learning more about how money REALLY worked than the previous 43 years taught me.

This shift catalyzed me into a new direction.  One that IS allowing me to shift old school capitalism from a scarcity model to one of compassion and consciousness.  One that is based on adding value to the ENTIRE eco-system.  One that is helping me

  1. Teach others about how money really works (hint: it really is Monopoly!), helping them catalyze their dreams into reality with a Financial Map, and ensuring they are building their Financial Homes solidly with the 4 pillars to financial health.  All the while getting to offer these services for free (except to help me spread this knowledge via referrals 😉).
  2. Show other Spiritually/Somatic/Conscious/Community based people/coaches tired of the scarcity model ("your time is limited so charge more!") where evolution is really taking us (hint: it is not backwards towards bartering...just saying) and offering you an opportunity of a lifetime to be part of this monumental shift while changing your financial legacy in this world.

Money is not everything.

Yet Money is tied to everything.

If you are ready for a RADICAL PARADIGM shift that has you changing your beliefs from

I have to work for money...


Money needs to work for me.

Next Steps...

If you are ready to approach money, your emotions - and especially your emotions in regards to money - in an entire new way - then reach out to me today to schedule your Financial Journey to Freedom!