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Like many of you that are finding your way to Movement Medicine, the journey of life is not some straight and narrow pathway. This could not be more true for my baby - Movement Medicine.

This unchartered path is especially true for those of us that have committed to "waking up - then waking up some more," as Sue Monk Kidd so eloquently writes in her book The Dance of a Dissident Daughter. (A book that woke me up the first time as to my enslavement as a feminine soul living in a female body. Oh the sweet memories of that awakening!)

This is even more especially true for those of us that feel a deep rumbling within our Souls. A rumbling of birthing something that is beyond our understanding and comprehension - yet begging all the same to be brought into this world, this lifetime. You know what I mean!

The journey to where I am now as an Embodied Financial Educator and Planner (only phase 1 of MM) - well it has bene a bit more than just a circuitous path. One that I will one day share in a more fictional tale through a few books that are gestating in me. This winding, hellbent rollercoaster that I fully committed in March 2011 ~ and most likely before I even became manifest ~ had a plethora of seemingly false starts, wrong directions, pitstops, 2nd guessings and many, many, many doubts.

Yet, each time practiced letting go (i.e. Death) ~ MM returned to me with a fresh take on what was coming through me. Each time MM grew into a bigger and bigger picture. And each time, I got a little more frustrated on how to bring ALL that was swimming inside of me into the world. I felt it was just too much, too big, too far out there (sound familiar?).

I was confused by what my mission actually was, who I was looking to reach or serve and how could I convey that to others. I was alluded by all the many moving parts that were just chaos looking to land into order - but I didn't know how to help them land.

Then Covid hit and like so many of creators, was given a break to step away and re-evaluate. For the 1,000 time.

In doing so, I found my current addition of Financial Planning - and with that the education of building Systems that could organize me and my many passions (chaos) into order.

Along the same time, I also found an amazing group of entrepreneurial souls (mostly women and some men) to join, collaborate and be in community together with via Ignite & Empower. In this group, I have found many answers and solutions to what you now see before you on these pages on the Web.

What you now see before you is the product of phase 1 of Movement Medicine (finally). It has taken me over 10 years to get this far (so please, if this is you and your baby passion project, take hope!). It might take me another 10 or more to get the rest out. But if these last 10 years has taught me anything - faith in consistently practicing "death" will always bring me to where I need to be.

So, without further ado - here is the current Mission Statement for Movement Medicine:

To serve those committed to "waking up - then waking up some more" worldwide with the vital education and experimental containers they will need to bring the change they wish to see in the world.  This education will create the foundation for abundant healthy lives, relationships and community - the building blocks for a new world.  Via financial literacy, investment plans, emotional intelligence and energy ethics ~ Movement Medicine seeks to bring education together with experiential living within safe community spaces designed for full creative expression (conscious movement spaces).