Book 1 of 3: Preface

Excerpt from the first of three books being written about the powerful story of death and resurrection that has been part of our human psyche for much longer than just the 2000 years since Christ.  Introduction to this series found here - which will help you understand how to both have fun with this story - and why it might just change your life!

“It is time.”

She barely acknowledges the woman’s presence with the slightest nod of her head.  

She stands facing the trees, her back to the woman, drinking in the scene before Her.  It had been a while, a long while since she had feasted on this view.   Though this view was nothing - NOTHING as she had once left it.  

Her stance is poised as if ready to leap - yet She is as still as a corpse.  Shoulders back, and chest lifted - breathing slow and steady - with a hint of disbelief in it. Her chin and nose are tilted high - as if she is smelling something ….or for something.

Her long coal-black flowing hair and shimmery, figure-hugging dress blow gently in the breeze.  Though it is as dark as night, She glows with a shimmering luminescence that seems as if it comes from within - illuminating the dark with the softest glow of pale yellow light. This matches the color of Her skin: pure, white, unblemished.  Her lips are tented apple red, standing out beautifully against her pale skin. Her face is round, plumb with high cheekbones that accentuate her eyes all the more.  Her dark coal eyes have that annoyed look - as if she had just been told some direly unpleasant news. 

Around her waist a leather belt is fashioned with a coiled rope and a skeleton key dangling from the right; an ornately decorated handle of a dagger in a sheath hangs on the left.

A shaggy, black and grey wolf dog who stands just tall enough for her left hand to rest on his head - is nuzzling her hand as She pets his head.  The dog’s tail is wagging in measured delight, whimpering a hello - as if he hasn’t seen His Master in quite some time. 

She barely notices the dog though - looking on at the sight in front of Her absentmindedly.

Once upon a time, this beautiful Garden used to beam with colors so vibrant, so brilliant they were beyond humans ability to see them.  

Now, that once rich Song of Life dancing in harmony together was gone - nothing but a way distant memory of a time long ago.

The vision in front of Her currently was nothing more than one of rotting fruit and stinky decay.  It seemed the precious land she had overlooked for so many cycles was succumbing to the grey, dismal world of destruction and ashes  - done by the Seedlings She loved so dearly.

In Her time since waking from her Dead of Night slumber, She had been brought up to speed by Her guardians - those who had watched over her while She was in the Great Below.  They told Her a story that pierced Her heart to its very core, and robbed Her almost immediately of the refreshing sleep She had needed after Her years of governing over the Seedlings.  

It appears that after She had descended from the Great Above to Her Rest, that some sort Plague of Forgetfulness had slowly descended upon the Garden.  At first, it had been just a slow morning mist creeping in from the edges of the forest to cover the town, settling almost invisibly below their feet. Innocent enough it seems, He had allowed them their desires for whatever reasons He had.

But then…then the momentum of the mist grew in density and weight, turning into more of a dark haunting, dense smoke that wiped their vision of Her and Her true nature straight clean from their memory. More than that, it had subdued Him too, making Him subject to them, to their beck and call, to their bidding.  In His quest to please them, He filled Himself with their glory - and soon She and Her true nature had faded from Him as well. Until eventually He bought into their stories of Her - demonizing Her, Her ways, Her teachings She had so willingly and lovingly shared with the All.

In the midst of this Forgetfulness, the Seedlings  - and He - forgot their place, their rightful place in the Cosmos that She and He had ordained for them.  The Seedlings forgot their power, the power She had always reflected back to them.  That the power came from inside of them, that it was part of their very nature - just as it was Her’s.  She was them and they were Her.  As it had always been, was and would always be - from the beginning of Creation It had been ordained to be this way. 

What is more is their forgetfulness of this power in their Seedling selves made them forget their responsibility to wield that power with the utmost care and consideration for the All.  Somehow they got Him to take over that responsibility of power for them, allowing them to all become His eternal children, never wanting to grow up and assume the responsibility that was never meant to be His.  

He was being crushed under the burden and weight of such a negotiation with the Seedlings.  He was acting all tough and macho, basking in the fake glory that their misplaced power gave Him.  

But She, She knew Him.  She knew Him from beyond time ~ and thus could see the thinly veiled cracks in the perfectly crafted veneer He had allowed Himself to be adorned with.  With each and every passing century of this burden, He was growing weaker from this agreement.

When They had first laid eyes on each other after Her resurrection from the Great Below, he let escape from His bosom a momentary sigh of relief.  The sigh crossed over His eyes too - and softened His beautifully handsome features even if for just a moment before He returned to his astute look of stone and admonition that She had been gone for way too long.  

This was an attitude She was unfamiliar with, His distant tone and nature.  Where once there was only warmth, being filled with ecstatic union between Them, now He left Her feeling hollow, alone, cold. They used to danced so intimately together, overseeing the Seedlings and the All, confident that nothing could shake the cosmos out of union due to Their love for one another.

She shook Her head as She remembered His coldness, His distance.

This was all the result of Her deciding She had needed a wee bit of a little break from her dedication to the All below.  Just a wee break mind you.  In the time of Creation - it was a mere blink of an eye.

Actually, this was not something She had really decided for Herself you see.  More like it was something that was just part OF Her.  Of how She had been created.  Or perhaps had created Herself.  Part of Her cycling through life.  It was a rhythm - Her inner rhythm of growing into fullness and then waning off into no-where-ness.

This inner rhythm of Hers - well it had brought them, the Seedlings, a sense of comfort, peace and control in a world that otherwise was a mystery to them - back then.

Still was by the look of it.  Even for all their “advances” in science and technology, the Seedlings seemed more lost than ever.  More so than before these advances.  More so since She had left to take Her vacation.

Anywho, She loved this inner rhythm of Hers.  She had loved sharing it with them.  Together, the Seedlings, Her & Him had been a terrific team living within the All that they co-created together through this very rhythm She had shown them was theirs.  The Garden flourished in dimensions way beyond what She saw before Her now, producing so much fruit and abundance that was theirs for their choosing.  They spent the majority of their hours and days laughing, dancing, making love and and loving one another.  There was little need for them to do this thing they now call “work.”  Back then - it was simply play, tending to the Garden in extremely minimal ways to ensure the rhythm, Her rhythm in them was abided by.


Now the Seedlings were still seemingly flourishing.  Yet uncontrollably.  To the detriment of the ALL.  And themselves. They spent more hours in their thing they called “work” - having no or very little fun and producing very little of value to their nature and needs.

Yet, because of the Plague of Forgetfulness, they couldn’t see how this once vibrantly colored, abundant fun world was becoming dimmer with everything that they touched.  Instead of instilling more color in the world via the Wisdom She had departed to them - the world was slowly but surely - and now speedily turning to gray.  To rubble.  

She was able to understand some of this was because She had been forgotten - and some of this was from new beliefs they had that had never been part of Her teachings.  They went something like this: 


“Subdue the Earth and Everything in it…for you are the almighty Kings of this Kingdom and do not need to answer to anyone but yourselves.  And - not even to yourself. Oh yea - and then be fruitful and multiply.  But only of your kind - regardless to what it does to the inner rhythm in you.  In the All. ”

It went something like that.  

It was in this ignorance and naivety they had forced Him to become something He was not.  But of course they did.  They made Him into Her, at the same time keeping His role as well.  Forcing two roles that were different for a REASON.  A necessary reason - yet they couldn’t remember or didn’t want to remember this.

It was their insistence that He become their ALL that had put Him in some kind of drug-induced stupor - making Him grow fat, tired and jealous of anyone that would rival His new place in their world.  Especially Her.

The remarkable thing was that this “disease” they had acquired was SO POWERFULLY intoxicating to them that even an Angel from Her side had attempted to remind them of Her wisdom.  About 2,000 years ago now - give or take - He came to break down the walled cities, be in Nature and remind them of the power of this rhythm they carried inside of their Seedlings. He used all the Threads of Wisdom She had left them with, including the most powerful part.  The death and resurrection.

But do you wanna know what they did to Him…and to His story - which was really Her story He was attempting to resurrect in them?  

They made Him KING over Her by saying He beat Her.  

They made Him the Poster Child for EVERYTHING He was attempting to remind them that was annihilating them from this world.

They glorified His story so much that His true message got lost in translation.

Seriously - SERIOUSLY lost.

That was how strongly the Plague of Forgetfulness had taken root into their psyche - and their world.

Yet, here She was, returning from the dead to a land of destruction  - charged with once again overseeing the Seedlings.

“Oh my goodness,” She declared to Herself, “how will they ever HEAR me and remember their own rhythm while this Plague plagues them!?”

She and those few dear angels of Her world that had been watching this destruction and ashes as She had been in the Great Below tried many different things to facilitate the re-awakening of the inner rhythm in them.

Yet, those silly Seedlings still got it all wrong.  They were so obsessed with being children defaulting to Him that they tried to make Her fit into Him.  As if She were Him.  

“Aye Caramba!” She cried a many, many times.

Then, then the most brilliant idea dawned on Her.  An idea that was so risky that it might really lead to Her ultimate destruction and annihilation.  It was a risk She was willing to take.  For not choosing this was an even bigger risk.

If His seed from Her Wisdom wouldn’t listen to Her anymore - perhaps they would listen this way. 

“Sister,” the voice behind her pierced thru the trip down memory lane she had been on, “ it is time.  If we do not move now…” Her companion began again.

She reached up and plucked the last visible fruit from the tree.  It was still a brilliant red color…yet when She sank her teeth into the fruit - She curled her nose and lips  in disgust and spat out the horrid bite that now permeated Her mouth with bile.

“Aye Caramba!!!” She screamed so loudly the entire land around them reverberated at the sound.

She turned, putting the fruit in the outstretched hand of Her companion.  They shared a sly, secretive yet worrisome gaze that transformed into one of pure focus and intent in a matter of seconds.  The dog let out one piercing howl that felt like a confirmation of what lay ahead of Them all.

She then bowed to Her companion, touching Her hands to Her heart and Her womb.  Her companion, disposing of the rotten fruit that the crows immediately ravished, did the same.

As their heads rose in unison, they both proclaimed, “Blessed Be the Great and Powerful Wisdom of the Gatekeeper.”

They moved into a long embrace, allowing each of their chakras to feed and nourish the chakras of the other.

“We will be watching closely from here.   Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you wish to abort at any time,” Her friend said in a firm voice.

She took a long breath in.  She knew the possible sacrifice She was stepping into.  But for some unknown reason, She loved those wily Seedlings down there.  She was willing to take one for the team -  if it meant the possibility of succeeding.

“I will not abort.  I will see this through.  Stay the course.”

“Then remember - remember who you ARE…may you always remember who you are,” Her friend said in deeply sensual, poignant yet nourishing tone.

They shared one more nod of agreement that spoke to their determination to succeed.

She righted Her garments, bent down to hug Her dog while whispering something into his ear.  Then stood up to Her full imposing, powerful frame and strode off into the darkness, leaving a trail of pale yellow dust in Her wake. 

“Game on,” She mumbled quietly to Herself, “Game freakin’ on.”