California Dreaming to Nashville Dancing

We are on tonight #ecstaticdancenashville!! 💃🏿👊🎉🔥💥. 

I’m back in town from my other home y’all - bringing back so much love and prayers from the #santacruz #ecstaticdance community!  Ready to share it all with you.

No matter what state you are in, you and your emotions are welcome into this “safer” place than most. Welcome to explore with whatever mask you have to put on.  

Even ready to explore whatever #anger, #hate and other words “not okay emotions” you might feel towards the #patriarchy, #toxicmasculinity and/or distorted masculine energy - so that you can move it thru and OUT of ya.  

No matter what you feel on this topic - I promise you I am able to hold the center for ya - so you can move it out of ya. And in the end - find the gift of the true, healthy #patriarch: the #power of owning your #choices 150%.

Love to you as we explore this tonight:

Construct Studio

2121 Gaines



All ages welcome (yes kids need to see us and learn how to move anger, grief and the other darker emotions!)