Death: The Tomb or the Womb?

12e176e42dd2d46b09bb36a18362f505The Scorpio New Moon is on Sunday, and with it the setting the tone for the next Lunar month cycle of ….”Death”.  I don’t know about you – but I am FEELING it already!!  I have a story near and
dear to my heart to share with you this week…and hope you find time to join me in reading it here:

One of my favorite themes if you have been following Movement Medicine or me for a while is Death.

Death is a powerful force in our lives…and has lived in the shadows – pushed out of our conscious minds’ as much as possible – for way too long.  It is a personal mission of mine to resurrect (pun intended) the mythical themes, virtues and lessons Death (i.e.  How to LET GO) teaches us so we can live the most ABUNDANT life possible.

For while some see Death as “the end” that lands you in a tomb…I see Death as the next beginning that places you in the Womb.

As a self instated Priestess of Death (and thus of Abundance!), my lessons have been deep and expansive. By the age of 9 I had lost my innocence, my mother, my father, my family.  By the age of 18 I had lost another family as well as my self-confidene and trust that the world was a safe place.  By the age of 35, I had lost my marriage, my home and yet another family life, and then the whammy – my own Faith.  lilithMost of these “deaths” – whether literal or metaphorically – had me kicking and screaming for years in pain and anger – and playing the “woo is me” archetype.  

UNTIL….until I learned how to USE THE POWER of Death to my advantage.  When I understood the cosmic place of Death, I understood that the “letting go of what is” was how I could then enter the Pregnant Void where the seed of life was placed into an incubation where it could await for the rebirth as something new – at the right time.

As I have learned this lesson through my own womanly cycle, the New Moon, the Seasons…and the rest of life…I have learned to actually ENJOY the Death process without resistance.  I now understand that when things start to “fall apart”…that if I ALLOW it with faith, that this is really just the beginning of something new being born.  

I share all this because Movement Medicine – even though in its infancy – has been undergoing the Death process. As we allow our beautiful dance space to pass away, I have and am trusting the process as to what the next step is for the Dance, for the Sisterhood and our gatherings.  With grace and ease I have allowed the Death to happen…and it has been a beautiful initiation into a deeper understanding on many levels.

Currently, I am happy to share that tho I am still in the Pregnant Void allowing the gestation to happen, that I am starting to see the new baby form.  I feel Her heartbeat starting to form and give direction as to our next steps.  There are many Cells starting to culminate together…just take a list on what is transpiring:

* I became a groupie of the first ever Ecstatic Bus Tour.  (See the content rich videos here).
* I am in conversations about the Conscious Dance world at large – and dreaming about how to anchor in a deep rooted community here in Silicon Valley.

562ac53bd5789cd2a62f31d78eefdb0d* I am planting seeds with our Santa Cruz community for a more regular dedicated grief practice.
* I am rallying behind another single mom power woman to put together an opportunity to serve on Thanksgiving.
* I am out networking and connecting with Bay Area locals as I drive for the ride share economy, sharing the love of dance and drumming up excitement.
* I am visiting new possible dance venues, meeting artists and new local business owners.
Oh, and I have even met an Australian born DJ that is excited to offer his gift to our community!!
Dear Sisters and Brothers….I am brimming full in this dark place…and I am beyond excited.  I am drinking all this in, allowing it to ferment in this hallow place as I await the impulse as to what the next exciting step is for our Baby.  I feel I will know soon…and will share with you the good news as soon as it is ripe to be shared.
In the meantime, please join me at our upcoming gatherings to dream in this delightful Womb place with me.  We will collectively use the power of the Inner & Outer rhythms that dictate our life on this planet to set personal and collective intentions for this coming Winter.
Sisterhood of the Red Tent
Sunday, Oct 30th 5-8 pm (potluck!)
Hump Day Happy Hour in Redwood City
Let’s Disconnect to CONNECT!
Wed, Nov 2nd 6-7 pm