Deepen your dance while learning how to fully own your Power via your Body Language!
Receive A FREE DANCE for completing either course or 2 FREE DANCES for completing both.

By investing in yourself with these online courses - you are investing in learning to read your own body language, creating safety first and foremost for you - while also creating a safer, more cohesive community and dance floor. 


Why? To ensure we have a baseline/language of how to do this community thang together, how DEEP we can go with this practice (and I mean DEEEEEEEP) and how much fun we can have creating a whole new world together.

Currently there are 2 classes I recommend to explore.

  1. Foundations: Exploring Safe Connection in the #MeToo Age
    Trauma happens in the body - and therefore can only be removed via body movement.  In this course, I will help you:

    • Discover what is at the root of our loneliness epidemic (#metoo is just a symptom of all this)
    • Hear guidance on how to get help for (sexual) trauma
    • Begin to understand where safety really starts - in the Energetic World
    • Learn basic somatic & meditation tools to start shifting the body's response to stored trauma
    • Understand the Body Language science that will help you break the code on miscommunication between the sexes
    • And so much more!
  2. Introduction to Conscious & Ecstatic Dance Spaces
    If any of these are you - then you will want to check out this course:
    • New to the idea of Conscious/Ecstatic Dance?
    • Want learn more COOL tools on how to “speak” non-verbally (to yourself and others) in these type of dance spaces?
    • Want to learn more about the Energetic World that we touch on in our opening circles?

In this fun, interactive online course you will:

    • Learn how to step into a completely non-verbal space
    • Use your body language to connect with others - or powerfully learn to say no without uttering a word (Encode)
    • Read other’s body language (decode)
    • Understand the energetic world and how to best keep yourself safe
    • And so much more!