Evolution: What Christians & Spiritual Hippies Are Missing

Want to change the world?

Having been in both the Christian & Spiritual/Hippie/New Age world in my life - I know first hand that most of us are missing the TRUE path to changing/helping/bettering the world.  And the Rich are getting it right.

"Ouch Holli - seriously!?!  How could you say this!?!"

Well, I am about to share with you my story - and one I know a lot of you will resonate with.

First here is my short list of just two action items you will need to focus on to start get into the FLOW of evolution at this current moment:

1. Educate yourself to understand how Root Chakra and Financial Literacy are one and the same.  Then passionately pursue your education starting with Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

2. Understand the evolution of humanity IS NOT you tying your financial needs and success to your passion work (energy/body worker, coach, holistic whatever)! Neither is evolution about going BACKWARDS to a timely, energy draining system of bartering, nor you trading your hours for $$.  Evolution is about you putting your $$$ to work for you, making money your employee.

For many years - most my life actually, I have dreamt of being part of the change in the world. Whether it be through my relationship with Christ when I was a Christian - or through my dance as a Dancing Artist and work as an Energy & EI coach in these last years.

Yet, one thang has always alluded me: the FUNDS.

Can I hear some "Amens!!!!" sisters and brothers?

Yes, the lack of FUNDS has stopped me from being able to bring forth my gifts.

I listened diligently in Church to the men preaching about opening up the abundance of the Heavens, to allow the flood gates of financial wealth come forth from unexpected places. To just have "more faith" that it would come in as needed.

Yet, were they themselves wealthy and rich in their mindset* with money? Most of them I bet are not.

When I left the church and moved into the Holistic Health & Wellness world, I paid LOTS of money to Spiritual & so called "Heart-Centered" Coaches, hoping to bust through my limiting beliefs about money - and "call in" my clients - and thus my abundance.

This only saw their pockets inflating at astronomical rates I was willing to pay, betting on their promises that they had the golden ticket to abundance. Furthermore, I wasn't willing to turn around and ask my own clients to invest that much with me. Which only anchored in deeper this idea they preached that I was blocking myself and "my true value". (Insert shaking of the head as I see this from this perspective.)

Long story short, as I have gotten Licensed to become a Financial Planner and Coach, as I have been devouring everything I can about "how money works" and "what money is" - I am seeing what the Rich & Wealthy know that the rest of us are ignorant of understanding.

And I am laughing in disbelief that rich men - and some women (another thang that is changing)- are really the ones that are getting evolution correct in these two areas:
1. They understand that money is a tool. But the knowledge (education) AND EXPERIENCE (using education to experiment) of playing with this tool is an even more POWERFUL tool.
2. They don't trade their hours for money. They make their money their employee - and 95% of the population along with it. While they (the 1-5%) earn 95% of the income in the world.

I don't know about you - but that fires me up.

Not that I think they should share the 95% with me - because again that would make me captive to their dreams.

But it fires me up to shift out of the 95% into the 5% - and take as many of you along with me as I can.


By teaching you what I am learning - email me if you are ready to invest just one hour to jumpstart your education!

Yet not leaving it there. WE MUST PUT IT INTO ACTION.

Yes, I have lived in faith these past 10 years and have seen the Universe provide with a "Just in Time" model. This is great. It just happened again last night.

Yet this model is really old school. It is NOT ALLOWING ME TO CHANGE THE WORLD. Because most the funds - 95% of them - are with the wealthy. And they get to dictate what they do with them.

I am so done waiting, hoping and praying someone else will see my genius and want to invest in it.

I am ready to learn how to have the WELL of Financial FUNDS ready to do my bidding BEFORE I need them.

How about you? Are you ready to get on the current path of evolution?
If so, give me an "Amen sista!" in the comments and then
share this with all your friends you can think of who need some of this Medicine.


*Rich/wealthy mindset: Just because someone has a big income doesn't make them rich/wealthy.  And it is not just about spending less than you make.  If we want to evolve and not miss the boat, we have to learn what the rich/wealthy know - and that is more than I can go into in a post.  In short, it is understanding that money is just a tool to play the game.