WILD* Day 16:🤯😤🤬😡Exploring & Being in my E-motions🥶😱😶🙄🥴

WILD* Day 16 of 30:🤯😤🤬😡Exploring and Being in my E-motions🥶😱😶🙄🥴

(*WILD = Why I LOVE Dancing ) 

Personal Note: Wow - this is becoming quite the "#StrangerthanFiction" story for me - and a vulnerable one.  I share extremely openly about my own old patterns that have been surfacing.  

And I share that my dance today might be triggering.  I pray you stick with me as we venture thru the "energy in motion" together to come out the other side that much stronger.  Nothing like a real life story to feel the impact dance alchemy can make!  

Muah <3 <3 <3

Song Credits: 

1. "Mombasa" - from Inception (by Stjepan Hauser & Luka Sulic)

2. "Prism in the Darkness" - Dimond Saints


Emotions are “energy in motion” ===> energy being emoted ===> e-motions. 

Emotions are the body’s visceral response to stimuli ===> both internally and externally.  Emotions are communicated through our body language.

Feelings are the mental constructs we wrap around emotions, with our stories about the experience that created the e-motion.

On the Conscious Dance floor - the intention is to create a space where we can drop out of the stories and FEEL ALL the emotions we have.  It is a place to un*trap, let loose and MOVE the feelings that are there to be felt, experienced and moved through.

“The Body is where Trauma lives - and it is where it (trauma) is healed.”
Dance to be Free | Lucy Wallace | TEDx Nebraska Correctional Center for Women


INTERVIEW CONVERSATION with Edward Terry around “Seeing Energy in Motion”


30 Days of Why I LOVE Dancing (on Conscious Dance Floors)

We ALL know dance is fun, a great "exercise" without being an exercise, and an awesome time with friends and family.

Yet, is there more to dance that makes it part of almost -if not every - culture throughout time?  And part of most big events in our lives?

Join me as I explore lots of reasons (30 or more!) as to why dance is such a powerful MOVEMENT practice individually and collectively - throughout time, races, cultures - basically all over the world.


Learn the "secrets" to the Mystery's of life school, church and parents didn't teach you by joining our Mystery School. Create a truly abundant, significant and fully connected life by tapping into the modern day science of Body Language, the Energy world, the state of Flow and Intuition. Learn to manifest “like crazy” by uncovering ancient wisdom about the power of Death to transform Live, Alchemy, how to us your Energy Body.

�WARNING: These "secret" skills could be beneficial to your health by making you extremely joyful, filled with inner peace and successful beyond measure. Attendance could deem you a societal rebel.

Join the Mystery School here

CREATING SAFETY: Ultimate Guide (free resource) 

Introduction to Conscious & Ecstatic Dance

Body Language Skills for Ecstatic Dance: Talk Non-Verbally (Module 4 of Intro to CD/ED course)�

Exploring Safe Connection in the #MeToo #Digital Age

Support a Movement: A Dance, Community & Social Connection Research Project


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