Freakin’ Out about Money?!?!

Do you need some help with your
Do you, like me, wonder how we are moving into the new
economy and thus world during this wild time on Earth School?

I recently made a career shift to become licensed and trained as a Financial Advisor and Coach.  It might seem out of Left Field - but honestly it fits me like a glove:

I am ALL about the Root Chakra being grounded, rooted and fully functioning.
And in this world
Finances = Root Chakra.
Read more of my story on how I got into the Financial Market (I KNOW - it really is blowing my mind - but it is really so perfect for us!!)

This move is literally showing me how we will


...and move us all into the future of the new economy coming our way.

In a way that we feel supported, anchor down and put our root to work for us SO THAT we can offer the world our light in the exchange manner we wish to offer.

I am NOT talking about how much you charge for your services per hour because you feel this valuable.

I am NOT talking about how much you can earn out in the workforce because you have this much experience.

What I AM TALKING about is being on the train that so many of us know is coming:

Robots are going to be replacing a LOT of our jobs.  Thus our income, our stability, our tribal "security".

So do we whine and complain about that?
Or do we get creative and look at the flow of evolution occurring and figure out

I am looking at the current Financial System and seeing that we have a unique opportunity with it in our modern age:

We can move out of working on a per hour basis FOR MONEY...


It's really not anything new.  The wealthy have been doing this for over a century or more.  We just have not been privy to how they are doing it.

So - just like the rich in this country have done - we need to learn how to make our money work for us.  So that we can free up our time to do what we are passionate about - and what robots cannot do - yet: be creative, innovative, forward thinking to serve this Earth School with our heart and souls.

I cannot stress enough again how much of a paradigm shifting message this is becoming for those of us in the "Consciousness" world.  Every time I share it with people like me - they nod their heads and say  "YES!"

They say yes to having a real way to make their money work for them - so they can go out and offer their wisdom, hearts, souls - their creativity however they want.  Because they know that their real world physical tribal needs are being met by the Universe, by God in a way that none of us really saw coming. 

But that way is here y'all.

And the time is now.

Are you ready to get on this train with me?  Are you ready to let the Universe shower us with abundance NOT via the hours we work for money - but in a whole new way?

If you are ready to help be part of the change we wish to see in this world please give me a call and let's get Moving ya on this train I am clear is our ticket to a New Paradigm!