Welcome my dear friend to our
@Home Free-Form Movement Practice!
Dancing Alone.  Together.

Some call this Conscious Dance - I just call it FUN MOVEMENT!

Pretty pretty please: Allow me to DANCE into your mailbox with this Movement Medicine!

This is for you if:

  • You just want to have someone to shake your groove thang with!
  • Don't like to workout for so many reasons - but wanna feel better inside and out
  • Ever felt fear about dancing in public - even at a conscious dance setting
  • Don't know what Conscious or Ecstatic Dance are - but wanna know
  • Travel and/or otherwise miss your local dances

Why am I offering this?

Let me start with a little story first.

Two things about me you NEED to know if this is the first time we have met:
1) I love, Love, LOVE to Move It, Move it.
2) I have been so inspired by Adrienne and Benji over at @YogawithAndrienne this last year.

They took me from a less than half-hearted, self-conscious non-yogi into a full blown walking advertisement for her flavor of yoga.  I ALWAYS travel with my mat now because I KNOW that just 5-15 mins on the mat (+ my dance practice) will make me FEEL the Movement Medicine of joy, peace and spaciousness in my body.

What Adrienne has done for the Yoga movement, I feel can be extended to the Free-Form/Conscious Dance world.

For the (possible) Conscious Dancer, there are so many similarities between Yoga and Conscious Dance.  While it is an amazing experience to dance in community, these extremely real fears keep people from joining us.  Such as:

  • Fear of being seen in a completely vulnerable, authentic way.
  • Fear of embarrassment at how you move, or don't move.
  • Thoughts about, "Will I be safe?" or "How do I keep unwanted people/energy away from me?"...or"How do I connect with others when I want?"
  • Fear of wanting to make sounds, gestures, movements - but thoughts of "will I disturb others?" or "what will they think of me?"
  • Breaking down emotionally in front of others....

Of course travel and other life obligations often keep us from making our normal dance time, too.

The Solution to all this?

Have a Friend ready and willing to dance with you anytime you need her!

Thus....I invite you into my @Home Free-Form Movement Practice via YouTube.

Each week*ish, I will share a M.I.P. (Movement Inspiration Prompt) and a dance with you.  Sometimes maybe more dances!

Use the M.I.P.s if they help - or not.

Use the music I choose - or your own.

Dance in your P.J.s - or...wait for it - NAKED.

Definitely Dance Like No One is Watching!

Ohhhh - I so hope and pray you will join me in the Dance - because I love to dance ALONE. TOGETHER.

I just LOVE to Dance 💃💃💃!

Oh - and please share, Share, SHARE this Movement Med with all your friends.  Heck maybe even your friendemies!

Here are the footies I dance with: Capezio Women's H07FB Full Body footUndeez Lyrical/Modern Shoe on Amazon

Are ya ready yet?

Allow me to DANCE into your mailbox with this Movement Medicine!