How Changing Your Story of Death Will Change your Life…And Health

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In today's Living Healthy lesson, I invite you into a Cosmology shift.

Simply put, the Western story of life is limiting in all ways.  Not to mention it is destroying the ability to live an abundant, healthy, fulfilled life - and destroying ALL of life to boot.

The Western story of Life & Death - or it's Cosmology - well it breaks the natural cycle of life/death/life that our Ancient sisters and brothers all believed in - because they SAW IT ALL AROUND them.  In the trees, birds and the bees.  In the sun, moon and stars.  Especially in the Moon's cycle.

There is another way to view Life and Death.  One in which they are 2 sides of the SAME COIN.  One in which they co-exist in the Pregnant Void - where ALL possibilities exist.

Let's listen in to hear the FOUNDATION of where we go wrong with our Health - and the EASY fix it really is to start shifting now.


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