How Intuition Leads to an End of Drama & Narcissistic Abuse

Coming #home. That is what these last 11 days in NorCal have felt like. A sweet, sweet #homecoming. Not just externally with my friends and this land. But also internally, gathering more of Me into me. Reclaiming my #power and sene of #self, my #voice. 

As I wrap up my time visiting #NorCal this trip, I review my last 20 years here. The #karma I have made and how my intuition has helped me heal and release that sh**. I am leaving this magical trip in a state of deep inner #peace, with none of the #drama that has circled my life here. It feels as if this #heatwave has burned off the dross - allowing so much #alchemy in my inner world. 

All because I decided to stop questioning my intuition - and made a powerful #choice to simply listen and follow. 

#followthecrazy #voice of intuition. It is totally worth it. 

Not sure how to distinguish your intuition from just the insanity of other voices inside? I would love to help you weed out your intuition and fine tune your hearing. 

Here is your first lesson: Message me when you hear/feel/sense a “yes” 🥰🎉💃🏿👍🏼👊.