How to not take hate, racism, bigotry and down right ugly manners personally

This theme of “developing strength by letting go” continues to work me from the inside out this week.


Yesterday, I experienced my first "Hate" post on my coaching page.

After a lifetime of usually taking this sort of thang personally - I found the strength to let go and transmute that shtuff right out of my world.

Wanna learn how to do this yourself?  Read & Watch on my dear sister/brother!

This idea of developing strength by letting go is a #mystical #mystery teaching - because you have to FIRST let go in order to build strength.  

And in order to let go - you need to have some strength.

Both at the same time.  Wowzers.   How is that possible?

That is why it is a bit of a mystery.  So let’s start with #lettinggo.

But let go of what?

Let go of something.  Anything.  Even if in just a tiny amount. Perhaps start here:

Let go of the belief - if just for a moment - that you cannot handle the emotions of anger, hate, rage, sadness, frustration - or even immense joy and love.

See the thang is - our human bodies ARE made to feel the e-motions possible to feel.  Our e-motions are ACTUALLY what help us to evolve…and they - the e-motions - are the Universal language of the cosmos, of God. (Yea, sorry - the universal language IS NOT English!)

WHEN you let go of that belief for just a moment and actually allow yourself to FEEL that #emotion without the need to do anything with it - even if just for a moment…you ARE CREATING ALCHEMY in your body.

#Alchemy is nothing more than making #change, going thru a process of #transformation of some kind.  Because emotion is energy in motion ==> allowing this energy to be felt - again if even just for a moment, will chemically alter your body.


Your stress hormones will be able o complete a cycle they weren’t allowed to complete, allowing them to fall back down to a healthier level.  Instead of staying in an unconscious state of heightened “freeze, flight or fight” - your body will be able to start to relax back into the “calmer” state.  It might be minute at first.  

Yet, this first step of letting go and seeing YOU CAN HANDLE IT - this builds confidence.  Confidence builds strength.  

Strength allows you to let go of a bit more, and then a bit more, and a bit more.  

Eventually, you have so much strength - you can figure out that most of the “shtuff” coming at you from others ISN’T your energy.  Especially when it don’t match the vibration of the world you are creating - one of love, joy, peace, kindness.

You DON’T have to take it on as your own…but instead can make more alchemy.  


Watch the video to learn more…