How to Use Body Language to Stand For Love in Toxic Environments

I dream of a world where we remember the truth of this quote.
Where instead of bowing or cowering to the appearance of "power" out of fear of what another might be able to do to us...
We instead assume a Power Body Language Pose that communicates we will not be intimidated, pushed around, manipulated or controlled...and that the energy of that Pose is out of pure love.
Because we see the other's actions for what they truly are. We see that their appearance of "power" is rooted in fear of being found:
* An imposter
* unworthy
* not good enough
* inadequate in some way shape or form
And that whatever is the surface of this fear seems to present as - that at the root of all these fears the biggest fear we ALL have (or most of us): to be abandoned.
More than this Body Language stance, the energy of love we can convey behind this stance is so much more powerful to break through our labels of what some one is or isn't.
The energy behind this pose of love says:
"Enough is enough...stop lying to yourself. Stop projecting your worst fears onto me and making your worst fears come true. I am NOT AVAILABLE to be the supply of lies, deceit and untruth anymore. I am NOT AVAILABLE to be used by you as a way of avoiding yourself. Freakin' stand up and face your greatest fears, just as I am standing up to face you in this Body Language. I know you can do it. I KNOW you can wake up. I know you can make the shift out of creating from fear - and into creating from love."
Are you ready to take this stand with me? Are you ready to make this shift?
I am now accepting a handful of persons who are ready to activate their Souls into this powerful reality with me. Who are ready to learn how to Love this powerfully, so powerfully it shifts their entire reality into one of Peace, Love and Unity.
If you feel, hear or just have a smallish knowing this is you - please follow your intuition and reach out. This is your first lesson in learning to trust your inner knowing.