Intro to Free Form Movement (Zoom)

INTRO TO FREE-FORM MOVEMENT: Finding Your Inner BadA** Dancer You KNOW Is In You!
(A Revolutionary new type of workout class that REALLY won't feel like a workout)
THURSDAYS 5pm Pacific/7pm Central for 30 mins
click here for Zoom; Meeting ID: 998 730 0458

For help getting ready for the virtual class, please skip, hop or roll to the bottom of this page!

* Do you love to dance - but feel REAL intimidated to shake “yar thang?”
* Do you hate normal workouts and the ripped, stick thin instructors who make you feel guilty for being in a body that don’t look NOR move like theirs?
* Would ya love to dance freely without the alcohol (and hangover!), ear-deafening music and gang of sisters (or bros) that hide you from your way of groovin’?
* Would you enjoy feeling less like an awkward, gangly, two-left feet, un-sensual ridiculous version of PeeWee Herman when the music comes on?
* Do you want to find a way to MOOVE your body that ain't a workout, but just pure joy and fun of playin'?  Ya know - like the kind you used to do as a kid?
Well you are IN LUCK!
Now you can learn to tap into and release your own inner Bad Ass dancer YOU KNOW resides with in you. A grooving queen who knows how to get DOWN - in her own unique beautiful way.
In our time together, we will explore the fundamentals of the Conscious Dance, free-form movement grass roots phenomena that is sweeping the world via Ecstatic Dance. We will learn that moving ain’t the only important thang to our health - but how we move that matters!
NO DANCE EXPERIENCE NEEDED - simply come with a body, a curious mind and a fun attitude!
I will offer up some gentle guidance, coaching and group fitness inspiration so you will:
* Have some structure to feel safer inside the free-form
* Learn how to tap into your own inner authority and let loose
* Get out of your head and the exhaustion of trying to follow steps - more of a mental workout than embodied one!
* Move out aches, pains ~ and emotions that keep you in aches and pains
* Learn some techniques to move with songs that challenge your normal movement patterns (great for breaking down beliefs that no longer serve!)
* Have a TON OF FUN - without knowing you are working out
* Feel the camaraderie of simply moving with others
Free if ya need it OR Infect you & the world with positive energy!
Suggested Investment to: $10+
Invest in more of this education. Anything helps!
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  1. Join our YouTube channel here for our @Home Dance Practice.
  2. Join our Thursday night Ecstatic Dance virtually here or when we can resume in-person here.
  3. Head on over to Movement Medicine University to check out the backlog of our virtual dances (both Ecstatic Dance & more Intro Classes).

Getting Setup (Watch vid below for step by step help!)

To get the BEST sound quality you have 2 options:

  1. Have 2 different devices.
    1. 1 for Zoom and
    2. 1 for the Audio (that you can hook-up or Bluetooth to your speaker system)
      **** YOU WILL STILL NEED ZOOM volume on so you can hear the gentle guidance from me
  2. Have the Zoom app and Web Browser open for on your one (1) device of choice.


  1. Download the Zoom app here for whichever device you want it on.
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  1. Join us, click here for Zoom. Meeting ID: 998 730 0458
  2. Open another web browser (on same device as Zoom or separate) and go to my page