Isn’t Energy Medicine “Woo Woo” – of the Devil & Sinful?

Jesus was a Master Reiki Practitioner

Talking about and receiving Energy Medicine might seem "Woo Woo" or alternative.  I know as a Christian that many have seen and told me that Acupuncture, Reiki and the like are "of the Devil" and "sinful"...and questioned my "love for God" when I decided Western Medicine just wasn't cutting it for me.

The thing is, in my early days of experiencing these types of Energy Medicine - I can remember getting off the table feeling more IN LOVE and BLOWN away by the power of God.  I felt more connection, more validity in God than I had before laying down on that table and receiving the "medicine".   The practitioners took so much more love and care for me and my entire being - including my faith - than I had generally experienced in a Western trained doctors office.

Furthermore, I didn't see how these types of healing/healers were any different than Chiropractors - a field that is full of Christians.

As I learned more about the Energetic World over the last 10 years, I came to realize that the world of Spirit that Jesus talked about WAS THE ENERGY World.  They are one in the same.  Jesus was a Master Reiki practitioner, and then some. He said we would be able to go on and do greater things than He did - and it is IMHO HE MEANT in the Energy World.  Which of course impacts this physical world.  And goes beyond it.

In order to help you begin your education about the Energy world, I invite you to consider a couple of points:

  1. We talk about our Energy Levels often.
    • "I didn't sleep well last night and now am feeling so tired (low energy)."
    • "I need a cup of coffee/workout to pump me up."
    • "I just didn't like the vibe/energy of that room."
    • "She had such great energy (personality) about her."
    • "Something (the energy) about that person/church/situation seemed off."
    • "That song brought me to tears and into a place of worship." ~ a visceral response to the sound waves of energy moving out of the speaker/voices and over to you.
    • "His words just didn't seem to match his intention (his energy)."
  2. Whenever we talk about the invisible world, we are tapping into the Non-Verbal World - which IS the energetic world.  This is the world of Spirit, of Consciousness, of God, of Vibration.  It is the world where Prayer & Petitions are made.  It is the power of the Sun, of the Wind, of electricity.  These are ALL different words for the same thang - Energy.  It is what powers your Heart to beat, your muscles to move and your nerves to talk to each other.  Your body takes energy to digest and integrate food, pharmaceutical pills and the advice from your doctor.  It is all ENERGY.
  3. EVERYTHING starts in the energetic world and works its way down (like the sun's energy that becomes "manifest" in the plants).  This makes western doctors and pharmaceuticals Energy Medicine as well.  They simply operate on a different frequency (think radio frequencies).  Same with talk therapy, working out, sleeping well.  These are ALL energy medicines that affect your energy in different ways, on different levels (frequencies).  If you want different results in your Energy level, look for a different method (frequency).  If you want to MANAGE your Energy better - learn about Energy Management. (Just like a business does with their Utilities AND their people.)

Is this intriguing you?

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