WILD = WHY I LOVE DANCING (on conscious/ecstatic dance floors)!: The Ultimate Guide

Okay we all know Zumba Fitness has taken the world by storm. Why?!?

Because dance is awesome.

Which....we ALL know this.  Dance is fun, a great "exercise" without being an exercise, and an awesome time with friends and family used in celebrations across the world.

Yet, is there more to dance that makes it part of almost -if not every - culture throughout time? And part of most big events in our lives?

Here on this page you will find all my videos and posts around answers to these and many more questions.

Starting with my 30 Day challenge (to myself) to share with the world WILD* LIVE on FB.

Join me as I explore lots of reasons (30 or more!) as to why dance is such a powerful MOVEMENT practice individually and collectively - throughout time, races, cultures - basically all over the world.

Your perspective on dance and your relationship to it will never be the same!

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BONUS to the schedule: Why I Ask for No Direct Energy Healing on the Dance Floor