Living Healthy in COVID Info


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  • Do you feel out of control right now? Or at least that the world is?
  • Are you carrying some extra tension and frustration? Feeling heavy, weighty and bogged down by this time?
  • Are you feeling stressed, anxious, depressed - and know this takes a toll on your health - but not sure how to change this situation?
  • Are you simply just concerned about your health and what you can do to be healthy - or add to your health?
  • With all the contradictory information out there about health - do you feel lost at sea - not sure who to believe and which way to go?
  • Is the stress of these times keeping you on edge, taking a toll on your sleep, your health and your relationships?
  • Has this time just made you realize you could probably learn more about what it means to be "healthy" (and want to understand what the heck that term even means!)?
  • Are you wondering what the gov't ain't telling us in regards to this virus- why the numbers don't add up and why they are shutting down the world? (I don't have a direct answer to this one - but do have spiritual insight that will help bring sanity.)
  • Have you accepted this time as it is - maybe even REALLY enjoying it - yet wonder what this could mean for the world going forward? For your family? For you?
If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, then please consider carving out some time to join me on Tuesday nights for the next few weeks. So you can start getting some answers - and stress relief - to your questions.
I will be sharing some paradigm shifting perspectives that will help you understand why this time is needed from a different perspective than you have likely heard yet - as well as a few tools that will help ya manage the stress.
Some (radical) reality shifting ideas we will cover are:
  • Why the time is NOW for developing a Feminine Consciousness (even if male) - and what the heck that even means - and how to harmonize that with the over active masculine energy in the world (and learn what that is too if those are new terms)
  • Why understanding Health from a multidimensional perspective is ESSENTIAL for this next stage of history - and will bring some much needed SANITY right now.
  • Why Slowing Down - even Death are a necessary ingredient for Life - abundant full life - not just survival type life.
  • Myth & Metaphors to help us understand why this virus was produced by the Earth - and what that means for us
  • How to understand and best use this time to ensure you are on the same page as the "Immune System" of our Host - Earth
  • How to keep some levity and fun 🙂 in these times (ooo ya!)
  • And more!
  • Physical thangs ya can do to stay health while tapping into their metaphysical/energetic properties to make them pack an even bigger punch!
Do you like to be trend setter?
Eventually I will be extending and expanding this new series to dive deeper as a class or subscription based membership. So if you want to help pioneer this new era - get in with us now!
Start here - then join us Tuesday evenings!
TUESDAYS @ 5:30pm PST/7:30pm CST (add to your calendar!)
FREE - or If ya wanna INFECT the world with THIS type of energy - see the very bottom!)
Meeting ID: 998-730-0458
Come with your questions, insight and a playful, explorative, curious mind!
1. We will start with a little movement (of course) and a brief time of checking in with ourselves.
2. Then, let’s share collectively and with our voices what gifts we personally and collectively are LIVING.
3. After that - I would love to introduce a new series that is birthing out of me soon: “Living Healthy in the COVID19 Era”. This series is here to help people like us understand and embody the fact that we live in multidimensional body, earth and cosmos and therefore Health is a Flowing dance between all these aspects of ourself and the universe. We will gain tools on how to understand this multifaceted reality in order to be healthy as we transition out of the old world into the new one. We NEED these tools if we want to transition with grace and ease…
INFECT the world with this positive energy!
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