MMMS Podcast #2: Beyond Partnership, Twin Flames & Soul Mates

First youtube video in this series

On today's show we dive into some DEEP questions:

Is there a new way to be in the world -beyond the labels?

Is redefining our relationship status going to take on the same quest that redefining our gender "status" has become?

Join me today for a frank, real and honest conversation around
* what buying into this story for ourselves - well what type of patterns it can bring us to repeat - unconsciously.
* asking myself (and you) deep questions I don't hear a lot of other people in the dating/relationship coaching world even having people ask - or anywhere in our world
* brining our CONSCIOUS AWARENESS to a deeper level in regards to partnership/intimately partnering with others.

Hosted by Movement Medicine: β€œAwaken your Senses to Awaken your Sensuality to Awaken your Soul.”
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