MMMS Podcast #5: Dance to Be Free w/Lucy Wallace Prt 2 ~ Brining Freedom to Women in Prison

Join me today for as we wrap up our conversation with a woman quietly and playfully changing the society from the bottom up!

Today hear: 

* How Lucy prepares to go in and come out - not what ya would think!

* The realness of what brings women into prison - trauma

* Why WE ALL need space to get goofy and GO CRAZY from time to time (as part of our mental health hygiene)

* What Lucy does to break down these women’s barriers to being seen & help them stay safe

* Why Free-Form Dance isn’t always the answer 

* What a new flavor of Social Activism can look and feel like - from a Feminine standpoint

Again - y’all this mysterious work Lucy ventures into is really so magical & BEYOND WORDS!


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************************************************ is not your typical non-profit business, with a strategic 5-year plan focused on survival, expansion and a cookie cutter way of raising support.  It is a passion project straight from the Heart & Soul of Lucy Wallace.  One that is led by an unwavering vision of brining Freedom from Trauma and the prison of the mind through the vehicle of Dance.

Lucy Wallace started bringing DANCE into prisons in 2015.  Not just a Zumba class - but classes that break down barriers between the inmates & employees, creates community, opportunities to be seen, healing and so much more.  This program helps the women learn to be Let Go of their trauma and find FREEDOM within the walls of prison.  Both literally and figuratively.  

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Latest Press for DTBF on CNN:

This dance class is healing inmates inside prison

“Dance changes everything. It helps me…become a better version of myself.” We went inside La Vista Correctional Facility in Pueblo, Colorado, to talk to prisoners participating in the “Dance To Be Free” program that aims to confront trauma. For inmates, it’s a way to heal. For administrators, it’s part of a plan to reduce recidivism.

Posted by CNN on Tuesday, September 3, 2019


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If you feel called to help support this work - here is a positive energy vibes donation:


Venmo: @Holli-McCormick    


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