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WELCOME The Movement Medicine Mystery School Podcast!

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“Enlightenment.  Evolution.  Law of Attraction.  Spirituality.  Raising your vibration.  Consciousness. Awareness.  Mindfulness.”

These are some popular catch phrases - with LOTS of people promising the path to teach you how to get there.  And to get there faster than ever before!

Yet, are these people teaching you trustworthy with the power you are bestowing on them in order to teach you about your own power?  Are you at a level of consciousness that can truly handle more and more power in integrity?  Physically?

Did you even know to ask any of these questions?  

Did you even know that you are giving them your power to teach you?  

In the ancient teachings from both the East & West ~ there were standards, protocols, and certain initiations/milestones required to be able to access greater teachings.  Greater teachings that would help you raise your human consciousness and thus raise your vibration.  

This was done to help avoid Power Abuse, Spiritual Abuse and allowing the wrong type (the toxic, narcissistic, “evil” types) access to too much Power (i.e. energy).  (Just think of the Lord Voldemort from “Harry Potter”.)

This was the purpose of the Ancient Mystery Schools in both the East & West spiritual traditions.

The Movement Medicine Mystery School is a place where we honor this ancient wisdom.  We start from the ground up, learning to (re)awaken our physical senses through Body Language.  From there, we (re)awaken our sensuality - which allows us to tap into our growing, expanding Consciousness.  Where our true Self-Power lies.  We do this with an eye for honoring each other, so we can Safely use and exchange energy (i.e. power) in a way that honors each of us and the greater good.

In this podcast, we will explore anything and everything related to the Mystery of growing our personal power via growing our Consciousness, Awareness, Mindfulness.   From the perspective of exchanging personal power for survival, we will question all the stories we have ever been told about life and relationships - including the popular notions of Soul Mates & Twin Flames.  We will discover ways to “see” self-serving teachers vs. those who honor their authority and your power.  We will look at how to keep ourselves and our communities/loved ones safe in a time where Power Abuse is real.

And of course - so much more as the Mystery of Life continues to unfold for ALL of us in these End of Times.

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As is my nature, we will bring a sense of practicality and modern-day-ness to the things that are beyond this physical world.  We will get deep and serious - while remembering to laugh a lot...mostly at our selves. Or at least at me!

Topics you can expect to hear and see me discuss with all sorts of people:

  • Death in the Life/DEATH/Life cycle of Life
  • Dance Alchemy, Dance as Movement Medicine and a Spiritual practice - and Dance!
  • Intuition
  • Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication
  • The Energy World (aka Quantum Physics)
  • #FollowtheCrazy
  • Twin Flame/Soulmate/Beloved Partnerships
  • My take on Non-Violent Communication (haha)
  • Sexual Energy & Finding Sexual Healing
  • The #MeToo movement & What is REALLY behind it
  • Political Activism with a huge slant...
  • Being a Gypsy Mama
  • AND SO MANY MORE - Possibly Taboo - Topics!

There is a LOT to get talking about that I don't hear being talked about elsewhere.  This is sure to be a juicy and wild exploration y'all!