Podcast Ep. #1: The Mysterious Path of Parenthood

WELCOME TO EPISODE #1 y'all of the Movement Medicine Mystery School Podcast!

This has been a dream of mine for years: To be able to interview and "conversate" with people and what awesomeness they are doing in the world. And to do it from the angle of the "Mystery School"? YES!!

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Ep #1: The Mysterious Path of Parenthood

Today ya are in for a treat as we speak with Kat Da Silva ~ a Conscious Parent & Lifestyle Coach from r2rcoaching.com.

If you have ever been a parent, auntie or uncle - ya know that it is a Mystery how the human species has survived as long as we have.

In today's conversation we dive into this mysterious path of
* how one even becomes "conscious" or "more aware of self"
* what it means to be a conscious parent
* how to re-parent one's self
* how women (like the 2 of us!) are redefining motherhood
* how the mysterious path of Death leads to more life as a mother and woman

Get excited y'all. This is just the first of many great conversations I plan to bring to you in the years to come.

So much love and blessings!

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