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Awaken the Feminine Within You (for both women AND men)
Living in a patriarchal society means we also have an INTERNAL belief structure of patriarchy - or male energy dominant.  If we wish to shift society into a more balanced approach - then we all need to awaken the feminine energy within our selves.  Read more on the landing page.

Entrepreneurial & Professional Development
Even though you work alone and on your own business, you are not alone!

Financial Education
Books, Classes, Videos & Other Recommendations beyond what MM offers.  You always want to be educating yourself from more than one source. Do not rely on just MM!

Feminine Health
Yes, women get their own section.  Our bodies need our own medicine - which is often times completely different than western beliefs that makes men's bodies the norm of medicine - and women the deviants that needs to be made "equal" to male medicine.  Let's change that!

Goodies for both women & men!