Introduction to Conscious & Ecstatic Dance
All you need to know to enjoy your first or 100th dance

Do you love to dance, move and shake your booty?
Have you heard of or are part of Conscious Dance?
Would you like some Hacks to make connecting on the dance floor easier?

Then you will want to join us for this exciting, fun-filled Introduction to Conscious & Ecstatic Dance, hosted by Movement Medicine. This simple workshop will help you walk onto any Conscious Dance floor with Confidence, Grace & Ease – while learning some basics on how to connect safely and appropriately with others.

For those curious or new to Conscious Dancing, you will learn
* What Conscious Dance is
* The basics of the space

For new and seasoned dancers you will:
* Create more awareness around what creates a safe dance floor
* Gain applicable insight into reading & interpreting Non-Verbal Cues
* See & move through demonstrations of how to connect appropriately with others
* Learn more about accessing your “No” and speaking it firmly with your body language


Dance is the language of the Soul and can be a deeply moving, therapeutic and even spiritual experience.  However, in our society, most of us feel many restraints into letting loose into Dance without the use of drugs and alcohol.  Yet, these substances can and do lead to many unwanted, unsafe connections and events unfolding.

Conscious Dance spaces have surfaced from a desire to provide space to allow people to do what they love - dance - without the unwanted stuff they don't want.  These spaces can provide a happy medium where one can drop into a more spiritual, yogic type environment.

The question is: How do you step into one of these dance floors, get past the voices in your head about how ridiculous you look to let loose - and feel safe doing so at the same time?

The Answer: Introduction to Conscious & Ecstatic Dance

In this fun, interactive and well-designed course, you will learn all about what you might expect to find in a Conscious Dance setting, how you can best keep yourself safe while finding ways to let go and have fun.  You will learn ways to start getting into a "dance mindset", how to safely and appropriately connect with others as well as how to say "No" and be heard.

Finally - you can enjoy Dancing in the way it was always meant to be enjoyed!