What sets apart a Conscious Facilitator from any other facilitator?

Two factors:

  1. The use of story-telling, playfulness, curiosity and more to invite guests into a journey - a Sacred Journey.
  2. The ability to read, respond and spontaneously direct the energy of the audience in the moment as we co-create the journey together.


As humans, we have evolved by the force and workings of Story-Telling. Story-telling used to be our form of education and psychological support in the form of what we now call Myths. The only thing no one shares with us today is that the very framework of our lives in our culture is still a Story.

When you understand the impact of stories on the human psyche and cultural system - you can use stories to open people up into A WHOLE NEW WORLD! Ones in which the guests or workshop attendees have permission to explore different aspects of themself outside of their normal everyday life and roles.

How do you do that? By making it "a Sacred journey" ~ or something that feels outside of our normal ordinary lives.  To make it feel "extra*ordinary".  We can do that by engaging ALL of the SENSES so that it is a visceral experience, not just a mental one.

This is what I access as a Conscious Facilitator.   The "Sacred" principal.  The ability to take people from the mundane into the "extra*ordinary" sensory experience thru the use of story.

#2 Improv Co-Creation

While every event can be laid out on paper to the most minute details including the possible pitfalls and such (and believe me that is how I love to plan), things in the moment just happen that are unexpected.  THAT is what needs to be expected (and what I tell all of my clients!)

This is where being able to respond improvisationally as a Conscious Facilitator is not only KEY.  It is also the life blood of the Sacred Journey.   Using the hiccups and/or the shift of direction of the masses, or even outliers effectively allows for a completely unique experience.

The Journey moves from a creation of a few to a co-creation of everyone.  When people know their energy in the moment is contributing to the creation of the story - then they feel more engaged, seen, heard, felt and committed to creating the Journey together with you.

In order to do this with grace and ease, to make it appear as all "part of the journey", a facilitator needs to be able to read the subtle energies and moods of the room, trust her intuition as to how to respond, cultivate and direct that energy for the greatest good and most powerful impact.

This is a gift and a skill I have cultivated since I stepped into event planning almost 20 years ago.  I thrive in these types of environments.  I would be deeply honored to bring that gift and skill into your next gathering so you can transport your guests into a different realm with your event!

So the question is:
Why have just another typical, run-of-the-mill event when you could create a whole new world that engages all the senses? One where you could take a SACRED JOURNEY with your guests, co-workers or community members - that will create buy-in, integration, and an entire new ecstatic vibe in your circle?


From unique yoga events to conscious dancing, from house parties to weddings, from specialized workshops and retreats- I love to bring my varied skill set into helping others create that "Sacred" principle that will make their event not just memorable - but also impactful.

My natural gifts I am infused with are the perfect blend of:

  • Esoteric imagination that can create unique exercises (i.e. rituals) full of layers of symbolic meaning while also having this completely...
  • Down-to-earth-need to be practical and simple

This allows me to help (co)create the right amount of fun and playfulness, with some deeper moments that will allow for understanding, comprehension and impact.

My honed skills include:

  • How to set and hold Sacred Space for as little as 1 or as many as - well it would depend on the type of event.
  • Event & Catering planning and management from 5 to 1000+ for 18 years
  • Somatic Leadership training from the view point of the Feminine Principle
  • Fine tuning my ability to respond & direct group energy as a weekly Conscious DJ for Movement Medicine Ecstatic Dance
  • Creating & hosting fun, interactive and impactful workshops that engage all the sense

Holding Sacred Space simply means there is lots of attention paid to the details - as well as setting the:

  • Intention - often the unspoken, heartfelt emotional desires - of the event.
  • New World you want your attendees to engage with - often arrived by setting the intention clearly 
  • Energetic Space - or container - for the event prior, during and at the close
  • Sensory journey for ALL the senses - What will engage the attendees to feel/see/taste/smell/hear this new world you want them to experience?

As well as helping coach you on your energy management and more.

Starting with almost 20 years in event management coupled with my current work as an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Conscious DJ and Somatic Workshop Facilitator - I can offer anything from event consultation and mentoring, to full blown co-creation of your special occasion keeping the energetics in mind.

At what ever level of support you need, I will bring my innate, intuitive abilities to read your energy and the energy of the moment in order to help direct, guide and harness the energy towards the direction that will leave guests feeling - well what it is you intend them to experience!

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