Travel Like Locals: Nashville 1st Edition

Traveling to #Nashville? Want some places off #broadway to be able to plug in to more of the local scene (shhh...I don't want this to get out to far and wide...seriously).
Make sure to check in with me - got so many amazing places here between the music, karaoke, food and nature - especially now that Spring is sprung!

Oh and of course Movement Medicine Nashville (Dance Church) we are back on with

  • 2nd Sundays - Intro to Conscious Dance, Body Language & Contact Improv
  • 4th Sundays - Movement Medicine Dance
Here is just a small taste of what this week enjoying the city and driving artists around! Freakin' love this life. (And stay tuned - am working on an idea to bring more Nashville local spots to you - so you can #travellikeloclas - boya)
Places enjoyed:
  • Scoreboard Bar & Grill (2408 Music Valley Dr) ~ laid back larger venue with fuuuuun drinks and great BBQ wings. Chill seating at way back corner from stage with fire pit. Plenty of room to spread out and ---ya know do that movement medicine thang. Down to earth humans.
  • 404 Bar & Grill (404 Elysian Fields Rd)
    While it looks like a dive bar from the outside - the inside is ANYTHING but. Couches greet you as you walk in on both sides of the door, with low tops in front of the small stage and a few high tops in back. Could be plenty of room to move. the BEST fish on a fish & chips I have ever had. literally. Got to partake in a Pot of Gold left over from St. Patty's day. Definitely coming back to this place. Oh and got introduced to Sharif here. I am so "crushing" on these artists and their ability to draw me into their stories they share before they sing. The story Sharif shared about "Show Me" almost had me in tears about what it means to love ALL of someone.
  • Alley Taps (162 Printers Alley) - Printers Alley was actually the FIRST place I went to in Nashville on day 5 of my stay when I first landed. It reminded me a of a little Chicago (one of my 2 home towns), with its narrow brick streets meant for pedestrians only. Not sure what really reminded me of Chicago - but it does. Anywho - Alley Taps is hidden on the OPPOSITE side from the rest of Printer's Alley fun spots. I don't remember a sign at all as my friend ushered me into the door that unfolded into a semi-roomy (not) bar built into the building. It also happened to be pretty packed for the time of night it was (like 8ish) with a band that reminded Tucker and I of a cross between Maroon 5 and Nickelback - but with better lyrics. And definitely more of Maroon 5. The beer menu was FABULOUS and not overwhelming, with some ciders and even a stout for those of us that like something a bit more substantial than those high school drinks (fruity ciders - haha Tucker). This is also where I met a man with a journal in his back pocket (no kidding - so ol' school. Love it!) for those "just in case" moments of inspiration. He said his phone just won't do - and I get that. I didn't get to hear Trevor Toms play that night - but when I started listening to his stuff - OMG...sold!
  • Brian Ripps @ Bowies (just google it! Nashville is NOT just big Hanky Tonks and country. Booya) I have yet to be to Bowies - but looks like I have a date with this bar this Wed. to see Brian (8-12) Whose joining me? And no, my Uber car is OFF DUTY that night.

- the man with the journal in his back pocket

OMG - the opening riff on this does things to me 😛

- amazing storyteller

Show Me: This. This song is on my playlist for dance tomorrow. are ya coming??
I was lucky enough to be the Lyft driver just around the corner from Bowies to pick up Brain and his pal Eric as they finished up their set - headed to their hotel. They needed some spacial help packing the trunk - no worry boys I got this, let's watch that guitar!! (I seemed more concerned about it than him...) (Damn, listening to his stuff now - soooo good!). He was impressed with my customer service (hey that Biz Mgmt degree from Purdue did teach me something - haha) and we had a short put powerful ride (that is always the case I feel in my car). We shared a little bit of stories - and how he was living between Nashville and NYC - where the "woman who lites up his life" is committed to living. (No kidding this is what he said women when I asked why didn't just move here...this gives me so much hope! In fact I have met so many amazing men in my car that has really changed my own upbringing about how men treat women. Thank you Uber & Men!! Mmmm so yummy this life)
Anywho - be sure to check out these awesome soul filling spaces and artists.
Now - on to find WOMEN who rock the #615