What is Eco & Allergy Friendly?

I will admit: I have so much more to learn. I also know that I have been living like this (read below) for nearly 20 years now and it has made an incredible difference in my health, home and hopefully less impact on the world around me.  I hope that if anything, I can help you take the next step towards eco/allergy friendly living, show you that it doesn't have to be all or nothing nor intimidating.  But there are little small steps you can take today.  I am also more than open to learn from you - that is what community is about!  As I grow my little home-grown hospitality business, I plan on implementing more of what I am learning and sharing it with all y'alls!

In short, I do not use:

  • Glade scent plug ins, incense or any thing or the sort including scented candles
  • Heavy chemical cleaners
  • Excess water and resources
  • Pesticides or Pest control with chemical bug sprays
  • Perfumes, Colognes or Febreze
  • Heavily processed foods and creamers for breakfast options

What I aim to use/do is:

  • Diluted Vinegar, H202 (more effective at killing germs than bleach, at removing hard water stains and grime, etc.), free & clear dawn or equivalent to clean.
  • Reduce water use.  I.E. in droughts I do not keep my lawn green...and eventually will replace with water conservative landscaping; using the washing machine and dishwasher as full as possible.
  • Use natural pest control such as Essential oils (you might smell the peppermint as you enter..that wards off spiders and insects!), Dichotomous Earth (also a natural insect deterrent for around outside of home, under kitchen sink, etc).
  • Replacing/buying Bamboo products, such as paper products, place mats and eventually replacing all bedding and linens with this (including soft natural dies).
  • Sourcing from as local as possible, and if not limiting the shipping where/when possible.
  • Composting & recycling - so my trash bin is rarely full
  • Sage and Palo Santo occasionally to freshen the air and provide a homey scent.
  • While I do provide some fun flavors for your morning coffee, I provide more of the au-natural, unprocessed, organic, limited ingredients yummy goodies.  I also aim to reduce packaging and shipping where possible.

I understand that even essential oils, sage and palo santo do not agree with people.  Please simply let me know what you need as far as scents and such, and I will make every effort to accommodate your needs - so you can relax and enjoy your travel as you should be able to!