When Silence & Non-Answers Linger On

Dear Magic Soul,

What do you do when answers - whether from the outside or the inside - do not come?

Not the answers you do not want…but just no answers?

Personally, I was hoping to have a bit more personal clarity as to what I felt led to do with our dance space and with Movement Medicine as a whole.  By now.

Alas, I do not.

Without that insight and inspiration, I refuse to move.

In the meantime, I stay here - in the pregnant void - listening deeply, enjoying this respite from life.  Pouring my energy solely into me, my soul, my heart, my body and other artistic expressions coming through me in this time. (And soon my son!)

I wish the same for you.

I will share that my heart, soul, body is fiercely missing our times of creating our movement medicine together.   For while I dance alone, nothing compares to the magic of dancing in person together.  Where our sweating bodies, pulsing blood, shouts and jeers, anger and love, drumming, skipping, flying, rolling and all that we are find expression.  Our collective movement story brings us into the ecstatic, orgasmic bliss of being in Spirit, together, reminding us of what life really is about.  Of the medicine that sustains us from week to week during the mundane.  Nothing else in my life ever makes me feel so at home in this body - so assured of who I am.

Deep sigh.

I will do my best to continue taking this longing into my own dance and other artistic expressions - allowing it to end these AND build the well of passion for we do join together again.

I pray you will do the same.

I will be taking the next few weeks or more to travel the US with my youngest son, starting in my old home of NorCal and beyond, visiting family and seeing some of this fantastic land we get to live on.  Why the heck not?  Nothing like a little adventure, especially with so many unknowns!

I hope you will find adventure wherever you can, making the most of this unprecedented time, learning how to get really comfortable in the uncomfortable.  

Regardless of whether the answers are forthcoming or not.

I will be in touch when I have something more to share, whatever that is.

In the meantime, I will continue to periodically put up some writing I am doing over on my website under Musings (links below).

The latest?  Writing about our Dance space in two very different styles.

Plainsong Style - No bells, whistles, thrills - tells it to ya straight and to the point!

Baroque Style - all the bells, whistles and luscious description you might expect from the label.

Which one is your flavor?  Honestly, I was surprised by this exercise and liked both equally for different reasons.