Why is “Death” Good in Jesus’ Story?

Why is “Death” claimed to be “Good”?
When the whole premise of Jesus’ story is that he beat death?

Along the same lines: What does this have to do with health in this era?

Ahh such a good questions.  Let’s address these briefly:

  1. Jesus’ story wasn’t unique to him.  It is a left-over from the Ancient pre-patriarchy days.  In those days they didn’t look at life as a straight line march to death.  They saw it as spiraling cyclical process (Easter Egg! - tune into next week’s “living healthy” lesson to learn more about this).  In this model of belief, they understood that death was a time to celebrate - as it gave space for regeneration, healing, renewal - which all led to the rebirth.  MORE THAN THIS, they celebrated this process in the 3 DAYS of the Dark moon - with the New Crescent Moon being birthed on the 3rd day.  A whole new meaning to “On the 3rd day…”
  2. If you were to rewire your brain to stop thinking in linear time (birth marching to death) and take it into seeing life as a spiraling cyclical process - this is the beginning of shifting your health into the harmonizing dance it takes to live on Earth School!

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Want to understand more about where the "on the 3rd Day" story came from and why it is so powerful?

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