WILD* Day 4 of 30: “Safety & Safer spaces”

WILD* Day 4 of 30: "Safety & Safer spaces" to be fully you in this #metoo age.
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What are some things #ConsciousDance, #EcstaticDance does to create safer space than the #bars, #clubs, #concerts, #festivals?  What do I personally do differently?  What is my responsibility as a Facilitator & Host - and what is your responsibility as a co-creator of this space?

{* Why I Love Dancing - on conscious dance floors!}

PLEASE HELP by Liking/Loving, Sharing AND Sharing the Love!

TOMORROW'S TOPIC: Marriage of Individual Freedom with Collective Safety


FIRST: A question for YOU.

Do you feel safe when you are out in public dancing?  If so, what do you do?  (let us learn from you!)  If not, would you be okay sharing why not?


We ALL know dance is fun, a great "exercise" without being an exercise, and an awesome time with friends and family.  

Yet, is there more to dance that makes it part of almost -if not every - culture throughout time?  And part of most big events in our lives?

Join me as I explore lots of reasons (30 or more!) as to why dance is such a powerful MOVEMENT practice individually and collectively - throughout time, races, cultures - basically all over the world.


This is a 30 day series.  Here is a link to FB event.

Calendar of topics.



Want an easy, at home way to learn more about creating safer spaces in your life - specifically designed for the Conscious dance floor?  Yet applicable to any "teaching" setting and beyond?

Consider checking out the online orientation here.

All filmed by me :-0, save the Body Language session had a helper jump in. Two hours broken down into 5-7 min segments. For 14 years or older.




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