Words DO NOT EQUAL Communication

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Words DO NOT EQUAL communication.

Ever heard of "Actions speak louder than words"?

This is because only 40% at the very most of communication is verbal. At the very least, 60% of communication is Non-Verbal. In some situations, non-verbal is 100% (first impressions, sports, flirting, tonsil hokey, dancing on conscious dance floors, etc.)

So why do we spend our 12+ years in school only concentrating on the words?

Especially when you can say anything - but if the energy/body language behind the words don't match - the words mean nothing?

Things that make you go "hmmmm".

How to make your "crazy" feel more sane.

If you have ever heard someone say something yet FELT or Understood that they meant something different - this is because their body language was speaking to you.

Our subconscious is programmed to ALWAYS read body language.  This information still gets fed into our conscious mind.  Yet because we are trained out of consciously reading body language - we then go into debating the words vs. our emotional reaction to what is being said.

We heard one thing - but felt another.

Since we live in a "words" rule society, we discount our emotions - leaving us feeling like our emotions are just "crazy".

Even more so when a person's later actions confirm our earlier emotional reaction to their "words".

Why does this happen?

Three reasons:

  1. Our Society counts "words" only as proof.  (Really, but you cannot see/touch/feel words unless written down!  Yet they are counted as proof.)
  2. Our Society deems the "6th sense" abilities - also known as psychic abilities - as abnormal, paranormal, unusual...or otherwise "crazy".   When in reality these are all extremely real God-Given SKILLS we can all awaken and develop.  It just takes practice, like riding a bike.
  3. We haven't awaken the part of our brain enough to have the "proof" of the body language that told us otherwise.  All we have to go on are hunches.

What Are We To Do Then?

Wake up the part of your brain that "speaks" body language and "energy" (yes those "crazy" psychic abilities) with practice, practice, practice!

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