My Dear Soul Friend,

Thank you for considering me the huge honor of being a Guide for you along your journey here on Earth School toward a greater, deeper, richer dance with Health than you could ever imagine.  Click here to make an appointment.

My utmost desire during our time together is for you to feel held, seen, heard, deeply understood - and therefore deeply accepted.

I have found that in working with both women and men, this is often found in helping them resurrect the Great Mother in Her dual nature of Life & Death*, healing the overdriven Father energy - and learning how to rebalance these two energies synergistically.

Yet - YET since we live on Earth School in physical bodies - this IS NOT just a completely inward spiritual exploration and journey.

For this reason, our times together will be a unique mixture of both physical, tangible action and of the not-so-physical stuff.  To this end, I engage in an inter-mingling of witnessing, coaching, body/energy work and Spiritual Direction that will meet your needs in each and every moment.

No matter what you are going thru, no matter what you believe about yourself, no matter what your relationships or health is like at this moment - I have a space for you in my heart.  

The question is: will you allow yourself to enter this space with me?
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Here is a short list of some of the elements your time with me might include:

To address the physical:

  • Somatic Movement  - intentional exercises to help calm and reset the nervous system
  • Movement Facilitation - to help you understand your inner world of emotions, aches & pains through your body

To address the relational, energetic and emotional that is affecting your physical health:

  • Body & Energy Work - as needed, generally being taught to you so you can become your own "body worker" as much as possible
  • Body Language & Non-Verbal Coaching - using the science this helps you understand interpersonal communication with others, as well as what your body is speaking to you.

To address the deeper calling of your Soul, your purpose, your meaning:

  • Spiritual Direction & Guidance - using all of my training as a Mystic, NLP Coach, Feminine Consciousness Leader and a deep study of what creates alchemy ~ I am "listening" beyond the words to your story, your body and your energy.  Using the power of Archetypes and stories - we will explore the spiritual - or energetic side - of what is causing your aches, pains, illnesses

By the end of your session(s), I pray you will feel empowered to dive deeper into your own internal world with greater understanding, faith and tools to help you do so.  It is my intention that eventually, you will need my support less and less.  Yet always know you are welcome to "come sit on my Mother lap" as often as you need the support, love, attention, nourishment of the Great Mother that is looking to resurrect Her presence in your life.

With so much joy, your sister,


* While the Feminine has been having a great resurgence lately, much of this resurgence has still been through the external and internal (way we think) structure of Patriarchy.  I.E. Women attempting to assert themselves via the patriarchy belief system.  For a female body and/or the feminine soul/energy (within both women and men) - this is highly taxing and toxic.  It simply makes more repression of the True Feminine Energy in the world and within ourselves.  Furthermore the dual nature that understands, celebrates and uses Death to create Life is just starting to resurface into our collective consciousness.  It needs much room for expression and understanding from us.