Community Ethos for the Church of Movement Medicine
(work in progress)

It is NO SMALL feat to learn how to do community together with the diversity in thoughts, beliefs, experiences and interpretations of experiences we now have on this planet.

The following ethos will inform interpersonal interactions when they arise on the dance floor - or in life. 

  • Creating the Microcosm: A place to experiment in how to do community together
    • We ALL PRACTICE hold space as both a Facilitator and our individual self
    • To the best of the Facilitators’/individual ability, we hold the space for being quick to be curious instead of quick to judge.  
    • 100% ownership of our Power of Choice and thus behaviors
    • Developing Self Esteem
    • No eternal victims here 
    • Practice talking about one another as Souls.
    • Have a working definition of what Love is.
    • No one is special nor unique. We are all ordinary Souls.
    • We are straddling dimensions of both the physical & spiritual world.  No spiritual by-passing.
    • We all come to our conclusions of what side of anything we are on based on our own personal experiences and the resulting stories we hold of them.  Thus, we commit to hearing, seeing and understanding another Soul’s perspective first and foremost, no matter how uncomfortable it might make us feel.  We hold space for them to have their opinion, and space for our own opinion - without making either of us wrong. 
    • We seek to find what unites us.
  • Earthly practice of Spiritual Elements:
    • Forgiveness
    • Humbleness
    • Discernment/Judgement
    • Integrity
    • Endurance
    • Reverence
    • Commitment
    • Confession/Surrender of Ego
    • Truth
    • Death/Letting Go/Mystery