Movement Medicine is focused sharing those skills and hacks we are not taught anywhere else - but are some of the best MEDICINES we could have for life - if we only knew about them.
Not knowing these skills stop us from living more fully in this crazy, out of control world - and keep us blaming ourselves for not being able to "control our reality,  "make it" or "be successful":
* Living Like Tourists - even at home
* Financial Education & Cash Flow
* Emotional Intelligence & Body Language
* Spotting Narcissists early, Limiting their damage
& Healing from gas-lighting
* Stories to spark the imagination and what is possible

Your Movement Medicine Awaits you - let's jump in!

Are Your Ready to get your Hacking on?


"Even though I did 'everything right' entering adulthood - graduated with honors from Purdue, took a 'good' job, I found myself floundering in life.  I fell prey to narcissists who wrecked havoc on my life - personally and professionally. This lead me to follow toxic positivity and false teachings that I could control my own reality - which led me to blame myself for attracting said narcissists...and an uphill battle to regain my confidence, competence and life.

It wasn't until I found the concrete truth of financial education (via Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and Dr. Ramani (for the Red Flags & Healing from Narcissism)  that I was able to pull my head out of the clouds, stop hoping for narcissists to change (including those plaguing the self-help/life coaching/consciousness world), stop downplaying my own lived experiences and the massive uphill climbs I am and have had to make.

While I am far from being where I want to be...I am now focusing on the tangible businesses that impacted me the most - and want to share those hacks and skills with you.

I am so excited to share this education with you.  It is NOT what you think.  But what it is will rock your world - in the best way possible!"
Read more of Holli's story here.

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