Have Healthy Relationships after Toxic OnesWelcome to our
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Radiate Confidence, Be Empowered

  • Have you dealt with any unwanted sexual advances? Abusive relationships (including parents and religious)?  Narcissists?
  • Do you have depression, anxiety, postpartum or any other trauma related disorders?
  • Do you often feel unable to voice your "No" strong and clear - in all situations you desire to?

In this easy e-course, using the Science of Body Language we will bring some much needed clarification on how all these maladies affect your physical body - and thus emotional and mental state while giving you the REAL PHYSIOLOGICAL reasons why your "NO" isn't always accessible to you.

Believe me - it is not all in your head and you are not crazy.

From there, we will then learn a few simple, easy Body Based Movement Practices that will help you IMMEDIATELY start to shift out of the affects of these maladies ... into feeling more safety and freedom in your own body.

Anytime.  Anywhere.  It really is that easy!

Begin to Radiate your Confidence.

BE EMPOWERED to find and use your voice.

Feel the ABUNDANCE of good vibes that await you.

Now that is some good ol' fashioned Movement Medicine!


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