You don’t have a
Money problem.

Nor a Self-Worth

You have an
Educational Problem.


A lack of Financial &
Emotional Education

Time to change that.

Time to get some
Movement Medicine.


Movement Medicine is focused on integrating financial education with emotional and body intelligence for a truly embodied Financial (and Amazing Life) Planning experience .
Your Freedom Awaits You.

80% of Professional Money Managers
are out performed by
the S&P 500 Index.

9 out of 10 Stock "Investors"
never make any money.

64% of Americans aren't prepared for Retirement and Long Term Care needs.

"The not the amount of money, but the LACK of a plan for their money."

~Robert Kiyosaki


Are Your Ready to Solve Your Education Problem?

Cash Flow - not Net Worth - is Queen.

It does NOT take money to make money.

Money is made FIRST in the mind.

Investing is an Action Plan, a road map.
Stocks, Real Estate, etc.  are the Vehicles.


"Even as a saver-since-youth, a Business Management grad from Purdue with a  finance background...even as an avid budget user and one of the highest credit scores ~ I still struggled with all the many aspects of money. Then one day I picked up Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and had the biggest 'aha' moment.  It wasn't my story around money nor how I valued myself (as so many of my spiritual 'biz' coaches were telling me) that was the issue. I had been thinking and seeing money all wrong - buying into our Culture's many harmful mythos about money.  What I really needed to do was remember my economic classes, my passion for Monopoly as a kid and put that together with my Emotional Intelligence to create new perspectives.  I realized all the heaviness most money coaches, financial planners and spiritual teachers get into about money was so not needed.  That is the honor of what I now get to do for each of you, every day.  I am so excited to share this education with you.  It is NOT what you think.  But what it is will rock your world - in the best way possible!"
Read more of Holli's story here.

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