What moves you?

Into your senses?  Into your sensuality?  Into your Soul?  Into inspired action?

I invite you along for the journey into answering these questions for yourself.

Here at Movement Medicine we dive into the Mystery School of Life, where we explore our 3D physical senses of this mundane world through the lens of ancient wisdom mixed with modern science.

By doing so, we mysteriously open a door into the "psychic" - or 5D - senses that lead us into the Soul - our own Soul.

Some of these 3D to 5D connections we explore include:

  • Body Language (3D) to our Non-Verbal Communication (5D) - really "reading" the energetic world
  • The Somatic Body (or feeling/emotional) (3D) to our Energy Body (5D)
  • And how all of the above speak to us through "Intuition"
    Note: Intuition can be/but is not always the same thing as your "gut instinct".  Instinct is about "survival" - where Intuition is about "thriving".

Here is how you can join in on this fun adventure with me and the Movement Medicine Community:

MEET your guide for this journey:

Holli has and is studying and living the Mysteries intimately in her lifetime(s).  She is passionate about bringing these ancient skills back to life in a modern way.  Holli is a crafty & creative soul - offering a plethora of services for you to take advantage of as you invest in your Soul.  She brings her skills of awareness, detective, intuition and ingenuity into:

  • Conscious Dancing, Hosting & DJing
  • Body Language & Energy Coaching
  • Guiding you deeper into Understanding the Mysteries of Life - such as the Energetic world and how intuition works (especially in relation to other people's intuition!)