Appointments are either:
  • virtual via Zoom or phone or in-person in Franklin, TN (address given when confirmed)
  • schedule either below or call 650.485.1595

Besides the healing, refreshing and zen effects of offering you Energy Medicine (think Reiki or hands on healing), I specialize in coaching/mentoring and training you on:

  • Energy Ethics & Management:Stop giving people that don't deserve your energy - your energy.  Learn to direct your energy more effectively & efficiently.
  • Body Language & Non-verbal communication: Step into your power, impact others w/o saying a word and deepen your connections!
  • Somatic/Dance Movement as Medicine: Release trauma/anxiety/depression/PTSD, open up physical space inside of your body; become more flexible/resilient/alive!
  • Step more fully into your Feminine Body: Celebrating, using and exemplifying the Feminine Principle (life/death/life) cycle in ALL you do
  • Sexual Energy: What is it really, what's it's real power/purpose and how do you use it for the greatest good consciously
  • Death as part of life, how to integrate the process of death in the life/death life cycle: The absence of life isn't death - it is destruction.  Learn how to cultivate a new powerful story that integrates death into your life and use this power to create an ABUNDANT life.
  • The Grieving Process
  • And any other Mysterious, possibly taboo subject in life.
Need a Speaker or Trainer for your event or gathering?
I work closely with you to create a fun, interactive workshop that has people up and moving while learning more about Body Language, Non-Verbal Communication & Energy Ethics/Management in practical, down-to-Earth ways!  Select "Investigative: Speaker" to schedule a gratis 25 min session to explore what we can co-create!