“Thanks for your service to enriching life, fostering connection and intimacy, all while being diligent and skillful about creating and maintaining safety.”
~ Mark, California

“Holli and I engaged in a short energy work session. I had been feeling light and happy that day and did not perceive a need to do any energy work. My experience was unexpected. Holli felt the air around me and perceived my body’s energies like water waves, gliding along smooth currents, and honing on the small disturbances I had not realized were there. She gently prodded at these areas with her own energy, and I felt my blockages highlight within myself together with the memories that caused them. She helped me see again what I had once chosen to defer. I feel this helped me find the following step in my growth.

I feel Holli has an acute sensitivity and a clear intention to help heal others. And her music and her dance events are awesome! Thank you, Holli.”
~ Antonio, Switzerland

“I have been blessed to receive Holli’s intuitive, loving, honest, clarifying support.  Holli has such a huge heart and a deep commitment to helping others move through personal blocks in order to undergo a transformation in their lives.  Holli’s service is such a gift to anyone fortunate enough to receive her caring guidance and support!”
~ Maya, California

“I was blown away by Holli’s gifts as an energy healer. She offered to come to my house to support me when I was sick in bed with vertigo and nausea. She held a space of deep presence and used some simple techniques that resulted in a huge energetic and emotional clearing for me. Shortly after, the vertigo went away and months later hasn’t returned. I highly recommend Holli as a healer.”
~ K.M., California