Living Healthy in the COVID-19 Era

How to Work With COVID Naturally
If You Have It, Suspect of Having It
Or Just Want to Use Holistic Means for
Better Embodied Health Any Time

Welcome to a brand new Movement Medicine Series about Health in this New Age of living we have embarked on.  I will be blogging here, posting YouTube videos over on my channel (follow this playlist) and offering online courses that will help support you in growing your own understanding of what Health even is - and how to Embody Health here on Earth School.

Not one pill , RX, method, diet, belief system fits all.

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The world is so much more complex than what doctors, scientists, the CDC, holistic practitioners or the rest of us truly understand.

Because nothing happens on just one plane of existence.  We are all living on multiple planes - whether we are aware of it our not.  In a matrix of inner-connectedness that is beyond our human comprehension.

The job of a spiritual teacher/energy medicine professional is to help use their "vision" into the other planes and translate that vision down to this plane.  To not teach what to do in just one plane and ignore the rest.  But to act in all planes as much as possible.

This is what I hope to impart to you thru this series: a multifaceted approach to living in your Embodied System within a multifaceted Universe - where we are (re)learning how to harmonize various energies and live within a cycle of Life/Death/Life.

Care to join me?


That is a good question.  And one you should ALWAYS ask yourself before you buy into anyone's beliefs about health.  On any level.  Because manipulation and mind control are a real thang.  Not to scare you - but they are - when you understand the energetic world the way I do.  And hope to teach you to understand.

Warning: If anyone tells you they have the magic "pill", formula, food, supplement or way to live that will keep you healthy - be wary.  BE VERY, VERY WARY of them and what they are selling you.

The thang is I have no desire to convince you to follow my plan, tell you what to do and say that what I do is the RIGHT WAY TO HEALTH.  I was part of those sects of the world for a while...and one way doesn't fit all.

What I do hope to do is this:

  • Empower you to stay open, curious and exploring the world around and in you on
    all levels of existence (physical, mental, emotional & spiritually/energetically).
  • To give you understanding that Health is a broad concept
    that is not found in a pill, a box, a supplement, a method/diet...or a blog post.
  • To give you permission and assist you in finding your own way of viewing and owning your health.

To help you understand how to think differently about health - let's start with learning a few of my many personal quirks - if you will - that help me get outside the box of conventional and even alternative health belief systems:

  • I have an insatiable curious nature (that must have driven my mother nuts asking, "but why?")
  • I am an orphan having lived in many sectors of our culture (and now I live outside the "system" naturally - and thus can see it from a different angle more clearly)
  • I have a preventative nature (preparation instead of reaction)
  • I am one of the worlds' best Devil's Advocates (question EVERYTHING - stay curious, keep looking)
  • I love putting puzzles together - metaphorically

This unique combo allows me to not only see behind the veils of our current Operating System of our world - it also allows me to put pieces of the puzzle together in ways most tend to miss.  Furthermore, I have been told I have a unique way of brining that very esoteric, veiled info down to a human level to make it practical and applicable.

What that means for you if you find yourself reading this - is that I seek a wide array of info from many different angles. I play devil's advocate to each angle.  I step out of each angle and cross-examine it for loopholes, weaknesses, strengths, uniqueness - or to see if there are common threads that tie into other areas.  From these multiple angles I then deduce my course of action...

ALL THE WHILE - I STAY OPEN AND CURIOS for new information, new wisdom and to being shifted in my perspectives expanding into -- well a new perspective.

This my dear Soul friend is what I pray more than anything you will do.  Stay open and curious.

Where do we being?

Gosh, beats me.  This is why I didn't want to make my biz into one where I consulted, advised or coached on health.

Yet, I can see that in the end - that is what I am here for.  This is called Movement "Medicine" after all...and all that I have to share are Movement Medicines to help you Move into your best self - your version of health.  From every human, energetic and collective angle possible.

As I said, breaking down what Health is will never be done in one post, lecture or TV show.  Because real-honest-to-God-Health ain't just about just one ~ or even all of these modern, well accepted ideas about health put together:

  • Don't smoke, drink (alcohol or caffeine) or take drugs (what kinds of drugs are we to not take)
  • Eating right (what is right any who?  no one agrees on this!), taking an expensive list of supplements, getting enough sleep and exercise
  • Yoga and meditation to lower your stress hormones, deepen your breath and control your thoughts
  • Living without illnesses, pain or losses (Health actually INVOLVES being ill, depressed and experiencing loss at points in our lives.)
  • Having some type of spiritual/religious practice that connects you to a power greater than our individual power
  • Working with the psyche/inner world clearing trauma and the cobwebs of projections those traumas instill in us
  • "Healthy" interpersonal relationships and in-person social connection/contact
  • Learning how to allow, feel and move your emotions - while also learning how to effectively communicate them.

Does anyone else feel overwhelmed or exhausted by the this list of thangs an adult human should be doing in order to be "healthy"?  I sure am! 🙃

Yes, most of these are vitally important for us to be able to have a measure of health.

Yet, we live in a world that is so much more complex than we could ever imagine.  Our bodies alone are made of more than just the physical, mental and emotional planes.

And - as COVID-19 is showing us - we live in a world made up of more than just - well our individual selves.  We live in a world of all of us...where Mama Earth is the Body within which we live.  Making us part of "Her" blood and immune system.  We are each a cell within Her immune system.

So...I ask myself again (as I am sure you are) - where the heck do we begin?

I suggest we start with this Story of beliefs:

  • EVERYTHING starts in the energetic dimensions and works it way down into the physical world (becomes heavier, more dense, slower vibration).
  • Therefore this means EVERYTHING anyone offers in this modern age is in fact Energy Medicine.  From Reiki, to CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), from surgery to that pill to help your depression - all of it is energy medicine.  Even that cup of wine can be seen as energy medicine - if you are drinking to shift your energy.
  • If you affect change on the physical, you might impact other planes of existence.  But you might not.  Or not enough to make a difference at first.
  • Vice versa - just because you impact the energetic world of a person way up in a different dimension - if they are too locked into physical dimension - they might not experience this higher vibration energy medicine.  Their physical body and/or unconscious belief patterns might be so locked down (jam packed full of energy) it will cancel out the energy medicine, or limit the energy's ability to impact the physical level.

To add to this list: our health isn't determined and impacted by only what we do or believe.  It is impacted by so much more.  We know the environment impacts us.

Morphic Fields, the needs of our planet and the fine balance of our cosmic system also affect our what we consider to be our state of health.  (I will be discussing what these topics more on YouTube and the upcoming Online Classes.)

Wow - that is quite a list to start with.  I can feel my eyes glaze over and my head start to shut down as I look at this list.

So let's say this to sum it up for today:

"Not one pill, RX, method or belief system fits all."

Basically we do not live in a nice, neat orderly world where A+B always = C for each and every person on this planet.

We live on Earth School where we each have our own individual energetic and physical blueprint with a ton of variations from each other.

We live on a world where there is more than the highly (overly) driven Masculine energy (logic, reason and math) that has ruled our health for way too long.  We live on a planet where there is also the Feminine energy of chaos, free-flowing, creativity and thus diversity.

AND we live on a planet that is ruled by a cycle of life.  That cycle is one of Life/Death/Life.

Only in learning to work with the polarity of energies (masculine/feminine) within the life cycle of Life/Death/Life can we ever grasp any understanding of what a state of Healthiness truly is.  And thus have health in the time of the COVID-19 era.


Right here and on my YouTube channel to begin - or deepen - your education on understand how to view and have Health in this new Era!

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