“Enlightenment.  Evolution.  Law of Attraction.  Spirituality.  Raising your vibration.  Consciousness. Awareness.  Mindfulness.”

These are some popular catch phrases - with LOTS of people promising the path to teach you how to get there.  And to get there faster than ever before!

Yet, are these people teaching you trustworthy with the power you are bestowing on them in order to teach you about your own power?  Are you at a level of consciousness that can truly handle more and more power in integrity?  Physically?

Did you even know to ask any of these questions?  

Did you even know that you are giving them your power to teach you?  

In the ancient teachings from both the East & West ~ there were standards, protocols, and certain initiations/milestones required to be able to access greater teachings.  Greater teachings that would help you raise your human consciousness and thus raise your vibration.  

This was done to help avoid Power Abuse, Spiritual Abuse and allowing the wrong type (the toxic, narcissistic, “evil” types) access to too much Power (i.e. energy).  (Just think of the Lord Voldemort from “Harry Potter”.)

This was the purpose of the Ancient Mystery Schools, in both the East & West spiritual traditions.

The Movement Medicine Mystery School is a place where we honor this ancient wisdom.  We start from the ground up, learning to (re)awaken our physical senses through Body Language. 

From there, we (re)awaken our sensuality - which allows us to tap into our growing, expanding Consciousness.  Where our true Self-Power lies. 

We do this with an eye for honoring each other, so we can Safely use and exchange energy (i.e. power) in a way that honors each of us and the greater good.

In this Mystery School, we learn that our imagination is a doorway in to our greatest life possible; that our intuition is our perfect teacher and that Body Language is the Universal language of the Universe.

In this Mystery School we learn what school never dared to teach us:

  • How to make the right choices for ourselves by building our confidence in our Intuition skill (yes it is a skill - and a communication one at that!)
  • Build deeper, more authentic relationships through Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication
  • Turn up the attraction in all areas of life (work/career, intimate, friendships), learn to express ourselves fully, play like a kid and so much more through the creative expression of Conscious Dance.
  • Dismantle the thinking that fills us with shame by telling us we are crazy or insane; not enough ______(fill in the blank); that something is wrong with us, etc.
  • Find inner peace and harmony with the ebb and flow of our energy cycles and seasons of life (this comes thru understanding the story death and grief have in the cycle of life)
  • And ultimately....feel safe in our own skin, finding pleasure in our work, building a life we love with the RIGHT type of souls to live it with!

The "secrets" you learn here your school, church and parents didn't teach you - for many reasons.

By tapping into the modern day science of Body Language, the Energy world, the state of Flow and Intuition - you can create a truly abundant, significant and fully connected life.

YOU WILL learn to manifest “like crazy” by uncovering ancient wisdom about the power of Death to transform Live, Alchemy, how to us your Energy Body.

***WARNING: These "secret" skills could be beneficial to your health by making you extremely joyful, filled with inner peace and successful beyond measure. Attendance could deem you a societal rebel.****

SOOOO ...are you ready to live life to the BIGGEST possible stretch of your imagination, standing together with me as we unravel the mystery called life?

If you are ready to be in on the Secrets - secrets that will give you all the skills they should have taught us in school  - then you are ready to join Movement Medicine Mystery School!