Nashville Red Tent (Monthly)

Let us gather monthly as women on or as close to the New Moon as possible.

Holli's Home in Franklin (address given after RSVP)
Suggested Investment/Energy Exchange: $15
Sundays closest to New Moon
5:30pm -7:30pm
Space for 12 sisters.

To Grab your seat in our circle text or email:

650.485.1595, info@MovementMedicine.Love

Our distinct purpose is to learn more about:
* our POWERFUL Her-story,
* Feminine Bodies, Cycles, Wombs, Stages of Life
* The Feminine Sexual Energy (so different than the sexual energy we are taught)
* Being Gatekeepers of Death & Life
* And so many other Women's Mysteries!

There is healing through our gathering and sharing.


+ Open to all women who have had their first menses and beyond are welcome (that includes you my elder Sage sisters or those no longer cycling for any reason!!).
+ I will share themes as we get closer to each gathering.
+ Come with your questions and curiosity about what it means to be a Woman living in a Female Body!
+ I will have specific guidelines on how we will hold the circle space for each gathering (the Beauty of the Masculine energy embracing the Feminine, creating a deep & safe space for Her)

Here is something fun to play with for now:

Where are you currently in your cycle according to the seasons?

+Winter - 1st day of your bleed through end of spotting. Super dark internal energy. New moon
+ Spring - starts either first day after spot/blood free or when you feel the rebirth/energy begin to pick up. Waxing moon.
+ Summer - as you approach ovulation and few days past. buoyant, feel most alive, most energetic and outgoing. Full Moon
+ Fall - pre moon flow (ie PMS) time. Emotions become heightened, needing more sleep or difficultly sleeping, nesting, preparing for the “death” of this cycle. Waning moon.

**** Tune into the feeling more than the physical
***If you are not still bleeding, you can use the moon cycle as your temp or better yet simply check in and see where you are with your body! It might even be fun to chart to see if you still have rhe ebb and flow of the seasons on a monthly (lunar month) basis.

Sisterhood of the Red Tent