How do you become the talk of the town?

By hosting an event, workshop or retreat where I bring the Mystery School topics of Body Language & Non-Verbal communication, the Energy World & Intuition to you!

Speaking engagements with innovative, engaging and interactive workshops will be something people remember for a lifetime - and thank you for hosting.  Especially since these skills can empower people to feel safer and more confident while building skills for deeper, more authentic connection.

Humans are Wired for connections.

Yet in this day-and-age- people are feeling more and more disconnected.  Studies show that the more people use Social Media, the more depressed and lonely - and thus disconnected - they feel.

In a speaking event with Holli of Movement Medicine, your audience members will be able to safely engage and connect with others.  This is because they will have opportunities to practice the new skills they are learning.

While talks will be customized to your event, all speaking engagements will give participants:

  • Interactive ways to help them remember the new skills and concepts they are learning
  • Healthier relationships at work (meaning more productive, healthier and dedicated employees) and in any aspect of their personal lives
  • a feeling of connection - "priceless" for sure
  • AND so much more

Here are just a few ideas on topics that can be customized :

  • Emotions are Contagious
  • Body Language to empower your safety (especially in the office, at clubs, traveling or away at college)
  • How to Learn to Trust our Decision Making Mechanism (aka Intuition)
Whether you are a:
  • Gender or faith-based special interest group
  • Festival of any length
  • Yoga or spiritual retreat
  • Conscious community (dance, mindfulness, spiritual etc.)
  • Company looking to help your employees uplevel their people and sales skills

The people at your gathering will be powerfully impacted with a customized talk that targets their needs, desires and wishes for healthier, deeper and more authentic connections.

What are ya waiting for?

Impact Your Peeps for their greater good.

Schedule Holli to speak at your next event.