Movement Medicine: An Ecstatic Dance in Nashville!

As of 3.17.20 & COVID-19 Update: Please join us via Zoom.  Details here


Welcome to FREE-FORM MOVEMENT. Walk, skip, hop, jump. Yoga, stretch, meditate. Roll, slither, sit. No right nor wrong way to move. No mirrors nor instructors. Simply move in a way that feels good and right for you!
We dance every Thursday (for COVID time see here)
7pm-9pm Central (check time zones)

In this space we:
1. Dance to FEEL and EMBODY our uniquely creative self-expression - whatever that looks and feels like to you
(hint might not look like dancing as we know it!)

2. Dance using Body Language to speak - with respect for ourselves, one another and the space.

  • This is space is free of verbal Instruction from the Facilitators and talking from the Dancers.
  • This allows us to drop out of our Tower of thought, freeing the mind to reach a Meditative State via movement medicine!
NEW to Ecstatic Dance? 

Still have more questions?  Feel intimidated?  Just need to hear a real voice before you come to this new space?
I am here for realz.  Call or email me: 650.485.1595 info@MovementMedicine.Love

Movement Medicine GUIDELINES:
  • Commit to EMBODY (in your body) conversations - sounds and signing along to music welcomed!
  • Wear clothes you can SWEAT and MOVE in.
  • Refrain from scents (including B.O. - please shower as a sacred act)
  • Abstain from intoxicating substances - let the movement, music and energy take you there.
  • BRING WATER - bring water (only faucet and paid water bottles)
  • Ages: Thursday nights 14+; Sundays 0-100+



  • First dance FREE
  • $20
  • Students: $12-15
  • If you need assistance please reach out
  • If you want to support others, please reach out
What's the Music like? Have a listen here.
PLEASE WATCH THIS BRIEF VIDEO & take the 5 mins to read the rest to Orient you to this new type of space. Many of your basic questions will be answered here!

💛 just as you are, in whatever state you are in, with whatever emotions are e-moting in you
💛 with intention & awareness of what you desire to Harvest this Solstice Dance
💛 un-intoxicated, un-scented & showered (yes!)
💛 ready to let the verbal conversations go in favor of conversations via Body Language

💛 By 8pm for our intro/educational time. Tonight we will BRIEFLY explore energy/power dynamics via chocolate 😉
💛 Before 9:30 at the latest
💛 And gather all of you as you enter the space
💛 As you enter the space, share your investment (i.e. payment) and step onto the dance floor
💛 Turn Inwards soo you can...
💛 Read your own Body Language first - so you know how and when you want to interact with others.
💛 However you wish - there are no steps to follow, no instructor to compare yourself to, no mirrors to watch yourself in
💛 With One-eye inward and One-eye outwards
💛 As long as you wish to stay


Why Dance as Movement Medicine?

Movement Medicine Nashville


MOVEMENT set to MUSIC has the power to heal, transform, and change our lives on the deepest level.  

Dance allows us to dive into our creative non-verbal language with both our self and others.  This allows us to express emotions, thoughts, beliefs and more that we are not able to express through other avenues.  It is a DYNAMIC personal and collective form of art that you just have to experience at least once to understand the profound impact it can make on anyone.  

Not to mention the sheer fun, bliss ...and even meditative states you can reach in the right setting, with the right tools and intentions.

What to expect in this space:
Please read these carefully and ask if you have questions!

Movement Medicine Dance is free of all of the following:

  • Alcohol, drugs and other mind-altering substances
  • Conversations though sounds and singing are welcome!
  • Fragrances (including body oder - please shower all off before coming)
  • Acting on Judgements - just allow them to be with out judging them 🙂
  • Instructors and instructions/steps to follwo - simply move however you feel led.  There is no right or wrong way to move!
  • Shoes unless specifically made and used only for dance
  • Mirrors - to the best of our ability (to help with the judgment thang)

These are TOTALLY WELCOMED in this space:

  • sounds & signing along
  • Moving how you want
  • celebrating
  • movement therapy
  • community
  • Moved & Be Moved, See & Be Seen
  • being curious, playful and safe
  • Exploring your full range of emotions

The space will have a live DJ, playing a huge range of eclectic music. Music ranging from World & Tribal beats to Electronic Dance Music, from Symphony-style Movie themes to remixed Top 40 - and more.  You are certain to find some tune or tunes that MOOOVE you!  You can hear some samples of the "Journey" (what the CD world calls the mixes for our dances) here.

What makes Movement Medicine Dance unique in the Conscious Dance world is the structure surrounding the Ecstatic Dance Journey (the main dance portion).

Here is that structure in a nutshell:
1) A 1x HIGHLY ENCOURAGED Orientation for all called Body Language 101 TAKE THE ONLINE COURSE HERE!
2) Community Ethos (foundational beliefs and core values) to guide community relating and our humanness.
3) Dance Floor Guardians to be an extension of the DJ, providing additional support, answering questions and ensuring safety.

This structure provides some strong river banks for the powerful River that rages in any Ecstatic Dance setting.  This simple yet strong foundation allows us to take personal responsibility for our safety - while also having an element of collective responsibility.   In this way, we can widen the safety on the Dancefloor while deepening the Dance, the community and the connection with self & others.

While the Orientation is no longer required, you will be individually responsible for knowing, honoring and abiding by all tenants found in the orientation.  The online version is found here.  In-person orientations to be posted here when they are available.

The small investment for this course helps support the work of furthering a Culture of Safety & Consent.