Emerging Woman DJs of Santa Cruz on April 6th

Friday, April 6th
418 Front Street, Santa Cruz, CA (The 418 Project)

Come join us for an evening of dance as we honor the emerging Women DJ’s in our community. DJ’s Beatmindful (Jillian) , Autumn and MoonIvy (Mona) will share a sample of their offerings by DJ’ing a 55-minute conscious dance journey each. Makana will be sharing a dance offering between the second and third sets.

The purpose of this gathering is to feature the talent and passion of women DJs in our community and to reimagine what a conscious dance facilitator/DJ looks like.

~ About The Artists ~

Jillian aka Beatmindful: after 5 years of dancing in the conscious dance community I have decided to play in the realm of playing the music I love for others. Dance has enriched my life and confidence being in a human body in ways so profound the thought of being a part of it in a greater, larger picture feels so incredibly, edgy and, yet so on time for me.

Autumn is an embodiment facilitator, exploratory artist and collector of dynamically stunning sound. She is fiercely passionate about residing on the edge of her edge–dancing in reverence to the absolute unknown–and invites others to do the same within their own unique truth.

The Open Circle: Women’s Movement Medicine Lab – 6 week series by Women’s Movement Medicine, Thursday mornings at the 418 Project

Deepening Practice ::: A Weekly Movement Lab ::: March 28th, Wednesday evenings at the 418 Project


Mona aka MoonIvy a is a creator and facilitator of sacred spaces and magical ceremonies. She is a powerful earth momma, dancer, child bearer, consent advocate, ecstatic facilitator, and student of the elements. Mona is deeply passionate about embodied expression, ritual, and connection (to self, to God, and to others). Sat Nam.

Women’s Circle with Mona at Breath + Oneness
Every Wednesday from 7:00-9:00 PM

Conscious Dance, Every 1st Saturday of the month, at Breath+Oneness

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Every 6-8 Weeks

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