As the saying goes, when life hands you lemons - make lemonade.

What about when life hands you a LOT of lemons...and all within a short amount of time?

This is exactly what happened to me in late Spring of 2018.

The First Lemon: Due to several occurrences, I could no longer afford to stay in Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area.  Not at least in the current lifestyle I had - and other lifestyle options were not a yes for me.  Not to mention living in Techiville was taking a mighty toll on my soul and physical life.

The Second Lemon: That if I looked at moving anywhere, I would do so as a single mom without that which makes me a mom - my kiddos.  At least this is what society tells me...not to mention tons of other not so kind thangs.

The Third Lemon:  I would be leaving my home community and family - a thriving Conscious Dance community.  This place and these souls had helped me stitch my true self together in the past 6 years, and was a place that has helped me keep my sanity.  Even tho an hour away without traffic ;-p, it was worth the effort almost every time I went.

The Fourth Lemon: I had NO idea where I wanted to go nor what I wanted to do "when I grew up :-0".  And nothing was presenting itself as a "hell yes" for the 6 months during the time of me preparing for this departure.

To be sure, there are more lemons than this.  But this feels like enough for this story.

Each of these lemons has taught me so incredibly much.

Most of all they have taught me that I do not control this life as much as I would like...
....but that

1) I can control my choices in how to use these lemons - and thus DO co-create my reality.

2) All of these lemons are for betterment and growth of my own soul's evolution  - and that of those I love.

3) If I do these first two, I can Dance with life so as to be Open to Everything & Attached to nothing, allowing the depths of tears and sadness to lead to great joy and peace and TRUST

oh and this one too...

4) I can deeply, truly without question TRUST MY SELF!

Of course, these are not in order of the lessons.  Nor are these lessons complete in any way, shape or form.  They are ongoing, works in progress - because I am a human after all.  Not perfection.  Thank goodness!

In the end, as my time in the San Francisco Bay Area drew to a close -
after leaving space for so long around what would I be doing and where I would be doing that (with the intention that something would surface) ideas started to come into shape - and into reality.

  1. That I did KNOW what I wanted to do with my life "when I grew up!"
    I want to continue to help people explore how to safely connect with both themselves and those around them.  I want to coach people on Body Language both online and in-person, so they can feel safe in their world AND have deep, meaningful safe connections.  This revelation birthed the entirely new direction of Movement Medicine and the course work around "Exploring Safe Connection in the #MeToo Age".
  2. I want to travel the US talking with others both in and not in Conscious Dance settings, researching the connection between Dance, Community stability, and feeling safe in our world.  I wish to conduct interviews, possibly putting them in podcasts or video blogs - hearing what others have to say, gaining sharing wisdom about my own personal movement medicine - dance and community.  This helped me birth the Dance, Community & Social Connection Research Project as a GoFundMe campaign to raise awareness and support of this project. If interested, please go this page to read more!
  3. That I wanted to share the story of these journeys and my findings with all my friends and loved ones - so I COULD still FEEL connected to them, and them to me.

So this is what this "Category" of my blog is about: my Journeying, the people I meet and the stories that come out of it.  About the findings of this research project, the teachings and insights around Body Language, Safety & Connection.  Of course, all written from the extremely personal, reverent yet irreverent soul of one Gypsy Mama ~ bucking the system, setting sail and breaking the mold on what it means to be a mom and a woman in our society today.

I hope you enjoy coming along with me on these adventures - and that you will share your insights and musings with me along the way.

Here's to the Journey of all of us Gypsy Mama's!

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