Energy medicine is a fun, un-intrusive (clothing on, either hands-off or light touching) and usually faster, more effective way to heal ailments of all kinds. From physical aches, pains, and illnesses; to mental and emotional stresses; all the way to traumas that result in depression, anxiety, PTSD and the like.

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Talking about and receiving Energy Medicine might seem "Woo Woo" or alternative.  Yet, I invite you to consider a couple of points:

  1. We talk about our Energy Levels often.  Such as, "I didn't sleep well last night and now am feeling so tired (low energy)."  Or, "I just didn't like the vibe/energy of that room."  Or, "She had such great energy (personality) about her."  Or, "Something about that person/church/situation seemed off."  Whenever we talk about the invisible world, we are tapping into the Non-Verbal World - which IS the energetic world.  This is the world of Spirit, of Consciousness, of God, of Vibration.  It is the world where Prayer & Petitions are made.  It is the power of the Sun, of the Wind, of electricity.  These are ALL different words for the same thang - Energy.  It is what powers your Heart to beat, your muscles to move and your nerves to talk to each other.  Your body takes energy to digest and integrate food, pharmaceutical pills and the advice from your doctor.  It is all ENERGY.
  2. EVERYTHING starts in the energetic world and works its way down (like the sun's energy that becomes "manifest" in the plants).  This makes western doctors and pharmaceuticals Energy Medicine as well.  They simply operate on a different frequency (think radio frequencies).  Same with talk therapy, working out, sleeping well.  These are ALL energy medicines that affect your energy in different ways, on different levels (frequencies).  If you want different results in your Energy level, look for a different method (frequency).  If you want to MANAGE your Energy better - learn about Energy Management. (Just like a business does with their Utilities AND their people.)

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1st: Energy is Information.

2nd: Everything starts in the energy world and works its way down into our physical reality and bodies.

3rd: Our physical bodies are like warehouses of energy.  Especially if we are on the more empathetic side (which simply means we physically have more receptors in our cells to take in more energy and store it).  If we are not actively aware of the need to process/clear/remove these energies - then we will clog up like a sewer pipe collecting all the junk. Not only from our own lives - but also from all those around us.

This being true, anytime anyone engages with an intent to bring a new or different type of "information" - i.e. energy - themselves or another - this could be called "energy medicine".

In this definition, even western doctors, surgery and prescription pills are forms of energy medicine. They attempt to engage the unseen energies (information) that bring healing to the physical body.

Grant it, as far as the vibrational frequency of this type of "energy medicine" is on the lower side (i.e. more dense) and therefore works mostly on just the physical (last) level. If you wish to understand what that means, ya are going to have to start following my work and/or come in for sessions 😉.

Other forms of energy medicine you perhaps have heard are:

  • Reiki, massage, acupuncture, cranial sacral, Shamanic journeys
  • Talk therapy, coaching, Neurolinguistic Programing, Somatic (meaning "of the energetic/emotional body") Experiencing
  • Herbs, cannabis and other medicinal "drugs"
  • Long, appropriate hugs, cuddles, and soothing touch from a trusted friend or partner
  • Prayer or healing thoughts sent to others that are not present with us
  • DANCING (hoot hoot) and all forms of movement

I am trained in:

  • Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) Life Coaching,
  • Body Language & Non-verbal Coaching,
  • Somatic tools (movement and some touch)
  • BowenWork for sports and basic injuries
  • Reiki
  • Intuitive Reading
  • Universal Energy

Basically this allows us the complete freedom to go wherever YOU NEED TO GO for whatever is most pressing for you. Each session is completely directed by you, your intentions and your energy.

If you have never received direct energy medicine, it might be good to start with some of the "lighter" medicine with the Body Language & NLP coaching. As you build trust with yourself and me, you can ease into the other forms of energy medicine - which I always combine with the NLP and Intuitive Reading to help you start to become your own best Energy Medicine Practitioner.

If you:
* Endure physical aches, pains or illnesses that modern medicine just cannot explain or hasn't helped you with - or you want a different approach.
* Feel stuck in unproductive, unhelpful or even toxic behaviors and/or relationships that you are READY to break
* Experience depression, anxiety, PTSD or other emotional/mental setbacks - from mild to severe
* Just want to feel relaxed, nourished, rejuvenated and yummy!

Read a little about what this experience is like here!

That is really up to you and what you are coming int to see me for. It could be just to have some relief for aches and pains; clear up an illness; shift some heavy emotional stuff (including depression/anxiety/PTSD); all the way to becoming competent and conscious of how to be your own Energy Medicine Practitioner.

While my ultimate goal for you is for you to become your own best Energy Medicine Practitioner - only needing me on occasion because you have learned how to so deeply listen to your own subtle energy body and nuances - you are at choice as to how far and deep into the energy world you want to become.

No. All sessions are fully clothed with either no or some hands-on-work. This type of energy work feels similar to Reiki or Chi work - I simply call it Universal Energy.

Read a little about what this experience is like here!

In your FREE 15 min consult, I will get a good feel for what to suggest for your first session.

In your sessions, we will start with a brief check-in of why you are here, what you are wanting to focus on and what modality would feel most supportive to you at this time. Don't worry - I will ask you the right questions that will guide you/us to discovering these answers!

From there, I will feel into what combination of modalities will best serve you and we will go from there. We might do a bit of coaching/mentoring combined with some embodied activities (like getting a Power Pose on). Or we might have you on the table receiving more hands on energy medicine combined with NLP coaching.

While no two sessions are alike, they are all adventurous, nurturing and impactful for the Souls who experience them. They always leave feeling shifted in some amazing way.

Want to hear from others? Read some testimonies here!

In short, yes!

While you can certainly experience after effects that can be awesome all the way to feeling a bit sick (see "What will I feel like after a session?"), receiving energy medicine with the correct attitude, intention are extremely safe.

AND there are a few things I will want to know to ensure we go at a pace that is most in alignment for you, such as:

  • ANY energy medicine you are currently or recently using
  • your beliefs about energy medicine
  • your spiritual values
  • your physical, emotional, mental state-of-being

For your ultimate safety, I always reserve the right to follow the flow of what is being felt in the energy fields when in session. This could mean I might slow you down a bit. OR, I might challenge and push you a bit.

Depending on how much or how little energy medicine you have had along the lines of the "alternative" world (massage, acupuncture, Reiki, etc.) - you might feel very little in the first few sessions.

This is because the parts of your brain that are able to sense or perceive the energy/emotional body are either barely online - or perhaps not at all. They are there, it just might take some time to develop the habit of activating those senses. This is something I LOVE working with people to reactivate in their life - so you are in good hands!

As your ability to tune into your energy/emotional field grows, and depending on the direction of your session, you could feel any or more of all this within the first few hours all the way to 48+ hours later:

  • refreshed, supported, nurtured and relaxed
  • amped and ready to take on the world
  • weighty, grounded and in need of a nap
  • a bit dizzy or light headed
  • hungry or satiated :-0
  • a bit flu-like - like after a really amazing/hard workout

If you are ever in doubt if what you are experiencing is due to the energy medicine, simply reach out to me and we can discuss.

So glad you asked! Here is your FIRST COACHING LESSON. Please try it on for size and let me know how it goes.

The cost will be things such as: letting go of old patterns, beliefs, habits that no longer serve you. That might even include relationships that have run their course. Those things we hold onto that don't serve us cost us dearly in our energy (dollars are simply an extension/a physical symbol of this).

However, the dollar exchange for this service IS NOT a cost.

THIS SERVICE is an investment. An investment in you and your mental/emotional/psychological/spiritual being. An investment in educating yourself about your Energy, Body Language and the world of Non-Verbal Communication.

Just like any education is an INVESTMENT - so it is with these services I offer.

Investing in yourself this way IS NOT SUPERFICIAL or vanity. IT IS NOT COSTLY. It is an investment that will return supreme benefits to you.

No where in our culture is it considered we need this type of education or services. Yet if we had it ~ we would save MILLIONS of $$ in medical costs (including mental), sick leave, prescriptions, disability and the like. To boot, we would live lives more aligned with our own energy ebb and flow - that would again keep us out of the expensive Health Care industry.

No. The investment price is set to include a fair and equal exchange of energy. If more than 75 minutes is needed and available for your session, we can certainly discuss that and what the additional investment would be.

If you wish to offer additional funds to help support the on-going education of Energy Ethics, Management and/or the Ecstatic Dance space - please let me know. Eventually I hope to establish Movement Medicine as either a Church or Non-profit. Stay tuned!

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