My Relationship to My Financial Root (Warning: Mind Blowing Awareness about to happen!)

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."
Alvin Toffler, quoted from Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki speaking about the lack of Financial Education.

If you are:

  • Struggling financially right now for any reason -or know of any one that is
  • Or you want to learn how to REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH in this country (without waiting on the Rich to give up their share) -
  • Please take a moment to to read my story. I know it will bring you hope and possibly a solution for your own life.

Personally, I was so excited to be on the path to building my life here in Nashville, starting to see the fruits of my labor pay off when COVID hit. ALL My sources of income dried up within a month. The stimulus money has been a life-saver -and in this situation I was okay taking it considering I was told to keep others safe not to work.

It has given me time to reconsider my life, including my financial position. AND knowing that ROCKY months are still ahead as the stimulus money ends in two weeks and the economy is bound to feel the effects of it - I knew it was time to recommit to getting out of debt and building my wealth.

Long story short, I started tuning back into places that could inspire me in this commitment. In the process, I discovered that even though I had an awesome Business degree from Purdue, manage my finances well, paid attention to my ex's biz as a financial wealth manager - I was still largely FINANCIALLY uneducated and illiterate.


What is more - if you know your Chakras - I realized that THIS is why my Root & Sacral chakras (tribe, $$ and creativity) haven't been able to soar. I was missing the Financial Education our society doesn't teach in school to help shift the tides of wealth in our world.

As I continued to apply for Corp America jobs - succumbing to the knot in my tummy that this is what I needed to do to survive - I found my way to a family friend who introduced me to my new career path. Yes this is it y'all - this is my career path I have been looking for - as a Financial Coach & Advisor with Revolution Financial Management.

What I am learning is blowing my mind - in a good way. Gets me fired up - because most of this stuff only the 1%ers learn. Not because of favoritism. But because financial education only happens in the home. So what you know about money - good or bad - gets passed down generation to generation. If your parents were Financially illiterate - then you most likely will be too.

Ain't it time to change that!?

Can I get a Hell ya!?!?!

Personally, I have a multi-leveled mission to bring what I know out into my world of do-gooders and help:

  1. Redistribute the wealth from the inside out - cause let's get real. The Rich aren't going to hand over their money to the rest of us.
  2. Empower all women to understand this world, to be able to read it, speak it and use it to their benefit. And their kids' benefit - especially if they are single moms!
  3. Use the surplus of my own income to fund my social business ideas - so there can be more safe dance spaces, more emotional intelligence and body language education at my own expense.

So, if you see yourself in my story at all - or know of someone like this:

  • wanting a WORLD CLASS financial education that will level the playing field
  • financially struggling in these times (especially with stimulus checks about to end)
  • lost a job and need help rolling over 401(k) or help finding health insurance
  • ensure protection for their loved ones or for their own long term health care needs (which even if we live holistically, we will need money at the end of our lives for this!)
  • a dedicated worker not afraid to get their hands dirty and needing a steady source of income

Please reach out to me today.

Or at least tuck this message in your heart so you remember when you do run across that friend or family member that needs 3D Root Chakra help. Booya!