Mystery School Theme of Week: The Healthy Patriarch & The Power of Choice

In a society that has gone all sour on the term of "Patriarch" and "Patriarchy" - I desire to offer a different perspective in honor of Father's day this Sunday, June 16th.

For when you strip away the Story (last week's theme) of the past 4000-6000 years, within the HEALTHY archetype of the Patriarch and Patriarchy lies the gift of our own power.   Our power of choice.

Listen in to learn more!

Then - if you live in Nashville - come dance with us to honor the men, the fathers, the grandfathers in your life - and your own Masculine energy within!

Reflection Questions:

As I share in the video - the HEALTHY Patriarchal energy is one that enables us to fully accept the 100+% responsibility for our choices, our actions, our behaviors.

  • What energy do you need to move through in order to let go of the Urban story around the word "patriarch"?
    • How can you use the healthy energy of the masculine to feel safer on the dance floor with me and your fellow dancing souls to move thru this energy?
  • Where have you perhaps projected or otherwise disowned your own power around your choices in your life?
  • How can you reel back in your power by owning the choices you made - including the choice of "not choosing" for yourself?
  • What is it like to dance in this energy for yourself? To dance with 100% ownership of your choices?
  • How can you dance, move, shake, hoot & holler to honor the masculine energy in you - and in the world?
  • Where in your life do you need to stand up a bit more erect in your power to choose?  How would you dance that scenario?